BEA Weblogic Server is a widely used Java Platform Enterprise Edition server (AKA Java EE) that lets users deploy mission-critical applications in a highly secured, robust and scalable environment.

Steps to Install SSL Certificate on BEA WebLogic Server

Step 1: Download and Extract your Certificate

Once you’ve completed the validation process the Certificate Authority will send you the certificate in a *.zip file via email, this file will include your primary certificate, root certificate, and the intermediate certificate. Download this *.zip file and extract all the certificate files to either your local directory or to your server directory.
SSL Installation on BEA WebLogic Server


Step 2: Merge all certificate files into single PEM file

  • Open the primary certificate, root certificate and the intermediate certificate files using any text editor.
  • Create a new text file and name it as myCertificate.pem
  • First, copy the data of the primary certificate and paste it over to the myCertificate.pem file.
  • You’ll want to copy the data of both the intermediate certificate and the root certificate in the same manner as before and paste them below the data of primary certificate on myCertificate.pem file.

Now the myCertificate.pem file will look something like the example below.

myCertificate.pem file

** Note: Please enter the data into myCertificate.pem file in following order (1) Data of Primary Certificate (2) Data of Intermediate Certificate (3) Data of Root Certificate. **


Step 3: Install the Certificate

To import the myCertificate.pem file you created earlier, you’ll need to make use of java key-tool command line utility. Write the following piece of code in a single line.

keytool -import -alias tomcat -keystore /path_to_keystore/mykeystore -file myCertificate.pem


This code will import the file myCertificate.pem into your Keystore (i.e myKeystore).

** Note: You can use your own name for myCertificate.pem file and myKeystore. **

Now open your Weblogic Server Console and move to “Security >Keystores>DefaultKeyStore”. Here you need to fill the path, file name, a password for the private key, a root CA certificate and Keystore location.

The final step is restarting your Weblogic Server.

Your SSL Certificate is now installed on BEA Weblogic Server.


  1. SSL Certificate Installation Checker
  2. BEA Web Logic support

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