Install SSL Certificates on AEP Netilla SSL VPN

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AEP Netilla is a widely used SSL VPN that offers secured remote access to network & applications via a browser-based web portal.

Quick steps to install SSL Certificate on AEP Netilla


Step 1: Download and Extract Certificate Files:

After completing the order the certificate authority will send an email including the certificate files. Download all certificate files and extract them on the server directory you wish to save them to.

Step 2: Convert .crt File

  1. Open the certificate file using any text editor.
  2. Now copy all the data of the certificate file (—–BEGIN Certificate //Encrypted Data// END Certificate—–); paste it into a new file and save this file with.crt extension on your server directory (E.G your_domain.crt).

Step 3: Upload Root Certificate

  1. Open your Netilla Administrator and go to System Configuration > General > SSL > CA Certificates > Upload New:
  2. Now in Upload New CA certificate window and copy all the data of your intermediate certificate.
  3. Click on Submit.

Note: If you have not received Intermediate Certificate contact your certificate authority. If you have purchased SSL certificate from CheapSSLSecurity then write us on

Step 4: Upload SSL Certificate

  1. Now go to System Configuration > General > SSL > CA Certificates > Upload Cert from CA.
  2. Here you need to enter the encrypted data of your certificate file (your_domain.crt) which was what you’ve created earlier.
  3. Copy all the data from the .crt file and paste it on Upload Cert from CA window
  4. Click on Submit.

Your SSL certificate is now installed on AEP Netilla SSL VPN.

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