Small Business Website Security Study: An Analysis Of 60,140 Websites

How well are small businesses implement basic security precautions on their websites? I crawled 60,140 websites…here’s what I found.

If you follow the daily chatter in the website security and encryption space, you’re probably used to hearing positive numbers such as: over 90% of web traffic is now secure. … Read More

What is SHA2 and What Are SHA 2 SSL Certificates?

SHA2 is now officially available, but it’s also official – SHA-1 Certificates are no longer issued.

So, if you purchase any certificate from Comodo, DigiCert, Thawte, or any other Certificate Authority, expect it to come with SHA-2, and not SHA-1.
Tech giants including Microsoft, Google, and Mozilla are all aboard … Read More


A quick guide on fixing a difficult SSL/TLS certificate error:

Let’s not beat around the bush – you’re here because you were trying to reach a website and got a “NET::ERR_SSL_PINNED_KEY_NOT_IN_CERT_CHAIN” error. Probably using Google Chrome, as that is the search giant’s parlance.

Or, alternatively, you’re … Read More