Vulnerability Assessment to Protect website from High Risk of Cyberattack

Symantec’s Vulnerability Assessment product helps you be proactive with your cyber defense

An SSL Certificate is a vital component of any cyber security implementation, but the key Word is a component. SSL alone cannot protect your website from the dangers of the internet. SSL can protect your customers’ data … Read More

Apple to extend the iOS App Transport Security (ATS) Time Duration

Apple is giving developers more time to become compliant with new encryption requirements

While Apple had originally announced a January 1st as the date that all apps submitted to the company’s App Store would need to support App Transport Security (ATS), it changed course at the last minute.… Read More

How HTTPS help “The Intercept” to hold #1 Secured Online News Site

The Freedom of the Press Foundation ranks “The Intercept” the most secure news site

The American non-profit Freedom of the Press Foundation recently performed a study of some of the world’s most popular news sites, grading each one on its web security implementations.

The Intercept, an American news site … Read More

Online Shopping with Debit/Credit Card – Things to Remember

creditcard security

A useful set of credit card safety tips for shopping online

The Internet has changed the way we shop.

What was once done in malls and at brick and mortar stores is now down at home, on your computer or phone (often pants-less). And while the world of e-commerce has … Read More

Seven Tips for Safe Shopping this Holiday Season

Here’s how to stay safe when you’re doing your online Christmas shopping

‘This the season to be jolly!

It’s also the season to be hyper-vigilant if you’re shopping online for holiday gifts.

Unfortunately, despite the good will this season tends to bring with it, it also brings many attempts by … Read More

Google to Enable Strict SSL Certificate Security Policy in 2017

Google will begin enforcing its Certificate Transparency initiative next October

Certificate Transparency (CT) is an initiative that aims to make the entire SSL ecosystem safer.

The initiative, which was originally proposed by Google, is designed to provide a greater deal of insight into the practices of Certificate Authorities (CAs). … Read More

Website Anti-Malware Scans – Set up a Malware-Free Business Over the Internet

Why installing Anti-Malware Scanning is a necessity for any online business

You work hard to make your online business succeed. That means doing everything from designing a good site, to creating good content, optimizing your search terms, in-bound and out-bound marketing, if it will help your online business grow, chances … Read More

ECC Encryption and SSL Certificate

Understanding Elliptic Curve Cryptography and how it relates to SSL/TLS

You may notice that a couple of the Symantec products we offer, namely the Symantec Secure Site Pro line, advertise something called “ECC” or Elliptic Curve Cryptography. This is a mathematical method that can be applied to SSL/TLS Read More