Perform following steps to install SSL Certificate on iPlanet Web Server

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Step 1: Download & Extract Certificate files

After receiving certificate files from your Certificate Authority via email, download and extract these files to your server directory. Now you will have a Primary Certificate, an Intermediate Certificate, and a Root Certificate file.

Step 2: Install SSL Certificate Files

  • First, log into your Oracle iPlanet GUI/web interface using correct User_ID and Password.
  • Here, you need to select the server which you’ll be wanting to configure the SSL Certificate to go on. Once selected, you’ll want to press the Manage
  • Now a new section will appear. Select the Security tab and then in the left frame click on the Install Certificate
  • Here, the default Certificate For option will be This Server, now change it with Trusted Certificate Authority (CA)
  •  In Key Pair File Password box, enter the password which you’ve got while generating CSR (Certificate Signing Request).

Uploading Root Certificate File

  • In Certificate Name box, enter the Root certificate file name.
  • You’ll now want to either enter your Root Certificate or Upload it to the server. You can upload by finding where the Root Certificate is stored, and select the certificate in ‘Message in this file:’ If you want to type the Root Certificate in, you’ll want to open the root certificate file with any text editor, copy and paste the encrypted data on ‘Message text (with headers): box.
  • Now press OK. Now certificate information will be displayed (Encrypted data of certificate).
  • Click on Add Server Certificate, if any pop-up message appears to accept it.

Uploading Intermediate Certificate File

  • To upload intermediate certificate you need to repeat steps 4 to 8 again. The only thing you’ll have to change is select Certificate For option as Server Certificate Chain.

Uploading Certificate File

  • Now you have both the Root and Intermediate Certificates uploaded, you’ll now want to upload the SSL Certificate. You’ll need to once again repeat steps 4 to 8. The repeat steps have to change is select Certificate For option as This Server and keep certificate name as blank.

Now that all the Certificate Files are uploaded, you’ll now want to configure your iPlanet Server to use them.

Step 3:  iPlanet Server Configuration

  • Select the Preferences Tab on the top left corner menu and then select ‘Add Listen Socket’
  • For iPlanet 4.x server; to turn the encryption in the Preferences tab click on ‘Encryption On/Off’ button, select on & enter port number as 443.

If you are using other versions of iPlanet Server

  • In Preferences menu click on ‘Add Listen Socket’ and add the listen to socket details. Add the listen to socket ID, IP address, Port number as 443, Server Name, Select Security drop down as Enabled & Default Virtual Server ID and then press ok button.
  • Your iPlanet Server is now configured to use SSL, but it will require a restart.


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