Steps to Install SSL Certificate on F5 FirePass SSL VPN

F5 Network’s FirePass SSL VPN is one of the most secure platforms that allow users to secure remote access to a large number of applications and devices. At the same time, it also provides security to intranet resources, by not allowing unauthorized device access.

F5 Firepass SSL VPN

Step 1: Download and Extract Certificate Files

After completing the Validation process of your SSL Certificate the Vendor will send you an email containing the certificate files You’ll want to check your inbox for that email and download the certificate files sent by the Certificate authority. Now extract all the certificate files on your server directory.


Step 2: SSL Certificate Installation

  1. Open your F5 FirePass Host and navigate to Device Management > Security > Certificates
  2. Now in the Renew/Replace SSL Server Certificate tab click on Install
  3. In Paste the new certificate in the PEM format (for Apache + mod_ssl) here section; enter the encrypted data of the SSL Certificate which you’ve received from your certificate authority.
  4. Now in Paste the corresponding cryptographic key in PEM format here section; enter the encrypted data of the key file which you have received while CSR generation process.
  5. In Enter password here field; to enter the password which you have configured during CSR generation process.
  6. If you are required to enter the Root & Intermediate certificate, then in portion entitled ‘Optionally, put your intermediate certificate chain here (in the PEM format)’ field, you need to enter the encrypted data of Root and Intermediate certificate respectively.
  7. Click on Go button
  8. If you receive any error message from FirePass SSL VPN as ‘Your certificate chain cannot be fully verified‘, then you can solve via here. If there is no error then click on the Save

Now on your FirePass host, the SSL certificate will be display in table.

Step 3: Configure Web service

  1. In your FirePass host, click on Web Service
  2. Here you need to click on Configure link, now click Add New Service
  3. In Certificate menu select the SSL Certificate which you’ve just installed.
  4. Now one by one click on Update > Finalize > Finalize Changes > Apply changes > Restart
  5. Your FirePass host will restart now.

Your SSL Certificate is now installed on F5 VPN.

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