H-Sphere, developed by Positive Software, is a web hosting automation control panel used for shared web hosting services. SSL certificate installation on H-Sphere control panel is not very complex and is usually completed within just a few minutes.

Steps to Install SSL certificate on H-Sphere

Step 1 – Installation of Primary Certificate

(1) Download primary, root and intermediate certificates provided by CheapSSLSecurity and extract on the directory where you intend to save all your certificates.

(2) Open your primary certificate using any text editor or notepad and copy all the encrypted data.

(3) Now login to your H-Sphere and click on the ‘SSL’ button.

(4) Click on ‘Edit’ icon located in the ‘SSL’ field in the ‘Web Service’ section.

(5) Here in the ‘Certificate File’ Text-box, paste the content of your primary certificate you copied in the previous step and then click on the ‘Upload’button.

H-Sphere Installation of Primary Certificate

Note: Make sure to copy and paste all encrypted data of you primary certificate, including the tags “Begin Certificate——– to ——–End Certificate”.

Step 2 – Installation of Intermediate Certificate

After receiving the intermediate certificate from your CA, paste it in the ‘Certificate Authority File’ text-box and click on the ‘Upload’ button. ‘Certificate Authority File’, in a few versions of H-Sphere, it is labeled as ‘Certificate Chain File’.

H-Sphere Installation of Intermediate Certificate

This step completes the SSL installation process on your H-Sphere control panel.

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