One SSL for Multiple Domains — Is It Possible?

With the advent of server name indication (SNI) several years ago, the number of different kinds of SSL certificates that are available has multiplied several times. It’s no longer the case that websites need to have a dedicated IP address to use SSL — there are now many different options for shared hosting situations where multiple websites reside on a single IP address.

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What is a SAN Certificate and How Does SAN SSL Work to Secure My Site?

We’ll break down what is SAN certificate is SSL and why it matters to your organization

SANs. Hardly anyone seems to love acronyms as much as IT and infosec professionals. Well, except maybe government or medical professionals… but, you get the point. However, what is SAN in SSL? You’re likely here because you’re wondering “what is a SAN certificate” and how is it useful? Well, you’ve come to the right place for an answer. This is kind of our area, after all.

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