The Difference Between Standard Vs. Individual Vs. EV Code Signing Certificates

A quick way to understand the basic differences between the three types of code signing certificates

Code signing, as you already know is a necessity for developers and publishers who are looking to make their software or executable scripts appear authentic and legitimate to the end users. Code Signing Certificates are X.509 certificates used to sign software code using a digital signature. Properly signed software will show the software publishers name (instead of a security warning) when users install the software.

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What is ECC SSL? How To Get An ECC SSL Certificate

Elliptic Curve Crytography (ECC) is lighter, faster and more secure than RSA

The SSL/TLS certificate that uses elliptic curve cryptography (ECC) in place of the RSA algorithm to encrypt the data transferred between the user and the website is called the ECC SSL certificate. The ECC SSL certificates are much more secure than the widely used RSA SSL certificates.

For a while now the RSA public key cryptosystem has been the standard in the SSL/TLS industry. But RSA’s days are numbered. Everyone should be moving towards Elliptic Curve Cryptography for SSL/TLS and most other PKI functions, too.

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