The Difference Between DV SSL vs OV SSL

They may share the same indicators, but DV and OV are not the same

If you’ve ever shopped for SSL certificates, you know there are there different SSL validation levels: domain, organization and extended. Extended validation (EV) SSL activates a unique visual indicator, displaying the name of the organization in browsers’ address bars. Its value proposition is clear. But what about the other two, which only display the padlock? (If that.)

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What is a Sectigo RSA Domain Validation certificate?

Understanding key terminology is key to understanding SSL/TLS

For many people, SSL/TLS certificates are an afterthought. A once-every-year-or-so type of product that doesn’t need a whole of explanation beyond “how is it installed?” That’s why seeing terms like “Sectigo RSA Domain Validation” can be a little bit confusing. You might know what RSA is, maybe you know about Domain Validation. But not well enough to explain it to anyone.

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What is a Standard SSL Certificate? Compare Features & Prices

DV Certificates Are A Secure and Affordable Solution To Secure A Single Website

With cyber crime on the rise, today’s users are fairly aware of the risks involved when it comes to the World Wide Web. Ever wondered what will help your organization stand out from the crowd? How can you assure them that you are a legit website and that they can purchase with confidence? Simple. By providing visual proof.

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VeriSign SSL Certificates – Save Up To 50%

VeriSign SSL Certificates Rebranded as Symantec

For many years, VeriSign SSL Certificates have been some of the most trusted and authoritative SSL certificates on the market. In fact, they still are. Just under a different name.

In August 2010, VeriSign was acquired by Symantec, which, in turn, merged with DigiCert. Following the acquisition, in April 2012, Symantec upgraded all the VeriSign SSL Certificates. As such, certificates formerly known as VeriSign SSL Certificates became Symantec Secure Site SSL or DigiCert Secure Site SSL Certificates.

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Cheap UCC SSL Certificates

What is a UCC SSL Certificate?

UCC SSL Certificates, short for SSL Unified Communication Certificate, is a specific kind of Multi Domain or Subject Alternate Name (SAN) Certificate. They can secure several fully qualified domain names and all their sub-domains with a single certificate, hence it’s called a unified communication certificate.

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