SSL Certificate Price: How Much Does Website Security Cost You?


There are many factors that affect an SSL certificate’s price. This includes things such as brand, utility type, validation level, site seal designs, and warranty amount.

In this article, we’ll cover the cheapest SSL certificates available in the market and compare their features. After that, we’ll discuss how several key factors affect the SSL price so that you can evaluate the certs that are available and choose the best certificate for your website.

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What is the difference between IP SSL vs SNI SSL certificates? Here’s how to choose the right one for your website

When it comes to choosing the right SSL/TLS certificate, everyone gets confused. It’s pretty obvious because there are so many types of certificates, versions, compatibility, verification levels, and technical components that selecting the most suitable certificate becomes a daunting process. One of the common issues people face is understanding the difference between IP based SSL and SNI SSL certificates. In this article, we address all the relevant points on the topic IP SSL vs SNI SSL certificate so you can make an informed decision.

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Where Can I Get a Wildcard EV SSL Certificate?

We’ll discuss why this type of SSL certificate is seemingly impossible to find

EV wildcard SSL certificates are rare beasts, almost never observed in the wild. We get asked a lot where one can find such a rare certificate and we always tell them that journey will be long and arduous. First, you’ll need to find a mirror that can transport you to Narnia… Oh, that sounds fantastical? Well, EV wildcards are just as fantastical.

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Free EV SSL Certificate – Is It Possible?

Why extended validation is not something that comes cheap for site security

It’s no secret that people love free things. A complimentary breakfast at a hotel. A free estimate for a service job. A free sample of food at the grocery store. This “I want it free” mindset even spills over into the IT security world with the idea of a free EV SSL. It’s such a popular topic that we already wrote an article on the topic of free SSL certificates vs paid SSL certificates.

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UCC Certificate vs Wildcard SSL — Which One is the Best Option?

Comparing two certificate types that really aren’t even all that similar

Comparing SSL certificates: UCC certificate vs wildcard

If you’re wondering “What is the difference between a UCC SSL certificate and wildcard SSL certificate, and which is the best option?” Then you’ve come to the right place.

Let’s start with what these two certificates have in common. Then we’ll discuss the myriad differences that makes this such a silly topic.

Similarities: UCC SSL vs Wildcard SSL Certificates

The most obvious similarity is that they’re both SSL certificates.

Ok, let’s delve a little deeper into that for the sake of keyword proximity and padding out the length as an offering to the aforementioned SEO deities. Both of these certificates:

  • Are X.509 digital certificates;
  • Encrypt your website’s connections via HTTPS;
  • Authenticate the server, and potentially the organization running the website;
  • Require the generation of a certificate signing request (CSR);
  • Have an option of RSA or Diffie-Hellman key exchange and either RSA or ECC digital signatures; and
  • Associated with a public/private key pair.

Continuing with this theme of UCC vs wildcard, let’s talk about how they’re different.

Differences: UCC SSL Certificate vs Wildcard SSL certificates

If you’ve never had to shop for SSL before, it’s understandable you might not know what one or both of these are. So, it’s not really the comparison that’s silly. It’s the idea that one is the “best option” because that’s entirely subjective and beholden to a number of factors that will make the answer different for everyone.

Ok. So, what is UCC SSL Certificate?

A UCC or Unified Communication Certificate is an SSL/TLS certificate capable of securing multiple domain names under a single certificate. UCC are also known as SAN (Subject alternative name) certificates, multidomain certificates or exchange certificates.

UCC SSL certificates are specifically designed for use in Microsoft Exchange and Office Communications servers. They’re akin to multi-domain certificates, meaning they can secure additional domains and sub-domains, provided they are listed in the “Subject Alternative Name” (SAN) field of the CSR. If you use either of these servers, the UCC certificate is the one for you because it’s been specifically tailored for play well with those environments. So, while you could use another certificate, this is the optimal use case for the UCC as Exchange Server SSL.

Purchase a UCC SSL Certificate and Save Up to 89%

We offer the best discount on all types of UCC SSL Certificates. Our offerings include Comodo UCC or Unified Communications SSL Certificates, which start for as little as $18.02 per year.

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Top UCC SSL Certificates of 2021

Name of Product Warranty Amount Issuance Time Cheapest Price
Comodo Positive Multi-Domain SSL $10K Minutes $18.02/yr. BUY NOW
Sectigo OV SSL Multi-Domain/UCC $1MM 1-3 Days $73.70/yr. BUY NOW
GeoTrust QuickSSL Premium SAN $500K Minutes $90.24/yr. BUY NOW
Comodo Domain Validated UCC SSL $25K Minutes $93.30/yr. BUY NOW
Comodo Multi-Domain SSL $250K 1-3 Days $101.14/yr. BUY NOW

Wildcard SSL certificates secure one domain and all its first-level sub-domains. Not multiple sites, not multiple sub-domain levels. And it doesn’t come with an EV option, either. There is a very specific use-case for wildcards, too.

But the two use cases are almost entirely different. One is ideal for a shared hosting situation or a website that uses lots of sub-domains. he other is specifically designed for a certain type of server and offers the flexibility to secure multiple sites hosted on that server.

This means that in response to the question about which is “better” — a UCC certificate vs wildcard SSL — the answer of is entirely up to you.

Top Wildcard SSL Certificates of 2021

Name of Product Warranty Amount Issuance Time Cheapest Price
FastSSL DV Wildcard $50K Minutes $38.95/yr. BUY NOW
RapidSSL Wildcard Certificate $10K Minutes $49.74/yr. BUY NOW
Comodo PositiveSSL Wildcard $10K Minutes $52.95/yr. BUY NOW
Comodo Essential SSL Wildcard $10K Minutes $65.03/yr. BUY NOW
Comodo PremiumSSL Wildcard $250K 1-3 Days $101.92/yr. BUY NOW

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The Difference Between DV SSL vs OV SSL

They may share the same indicators, but DV and OV are not the same

If you’ve ever shopped for SSL certificates, you know there are there different SSL validation levels: domain, organization and extended. Extended validation (EV) SSL activates a unique visual indicator, displaying the name of the organization in browsers’ address bars. Its value proposition is clear. But what about the other two, which only display the padlock? (If that.)

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What is a Sectigo RSA Domain Validation certificate?

Understanding key terminology is key to understanding SSL/TLS

For many people, SSL/TLS certificates are an afterthought. A once-every-year-or-so type of product that doesn’t need a whole of explanation beyond “how is it installed?” That’s why seeing terms like “Sectigo RSA Domain Validation” can be a little bit confusing. You might know what RSA is, maybe you know about Domain Validation. But not well enough to explain it to anyone.

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What is a Standard SSL Certificate? Compare Features & Prices

DV Certificates Are A Secure and Affordable Solution To Secure A Single Website

With cyber crime on the rise, today’s users are fairly aware of the risks involved when it comes to the World Wide Web. Ever wondered what will help your organization stand out from the crowd? How can you assure them that you are a legit website and that they can purchase with confidence? Simple. By providing visual proof.

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What is ECC SSL? How To Get An ECC SSL Certificate

Elliptic Curve Crytography (ECC) is lighter, faster and more secure than RSA

The SSL/TLS certificate that uses elliptic curve cryptography (ECC) in place of the RSA algorithm to encrypt the data transferred between the user and the website is called the ECC SSL certificate. The ECC SSL certificates are much more secure than the widely used RSA SSL certificates.

For a while now the RSA public key cryptosystem has been the standard in the SSL/TLS industry. But RSA’s days are numbered. Everyone should be moving towards Elliptic Curve Cryptography for SSL/TLS and most other PKI functions, too.

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