What is a Standard SSL Certificate? Compare Features & Prices

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DV Certificates Are A Secure and Affordable Solution To Secure A Single Website

With cyber crime on the rise, today’s users are fairly aware of the risks involved when it comes to the World Wide Web. Ever wondered what will help your organization stand out from the crowd? How can you assure them that you are a legit website and that they can purchase with confidence? Simple. By providing visual proof.

SSL Provides Visual Proof Your Website is Secure

Start by getting an SSL certificate from a highly-trusted Certificate Authority (CA) who can confirm the authenticity and security of your website. After the verification process is done, the CA will provide you with an SSL Certificate which enables visual security indicates for your site, such as the HTTPS and Padlock Icon. Also known as a Digital Certificate, it helps your users freely and securely access your website. You can choose from three major trust levels- the Standard SSL (aka DV), OV and EV Certificate.

What is a Standard SSL Certificate?

Also known as the Domain Validated (DV) or the Single Domain SSL Certificate, the Standard SSL certificate is an entry-level certificate issued by a certificate authority.

Standard SSL Certificates Years Price/Per Year
Comodo PositiveSSL $196.00$5.45 Add to Cart
Comodo EssentialSSL $303.80$16.46 Add to Cart
RapidSSL Certificate $236.00$7.95 Add to Cart
GeoTrust QuickSSL Premium $596.00$36.52 Add to Cart
Thawte SSL123 $596.00$28.44 Add to Cart
Sectigo SSL $399.80$45.46 Add to Cart

How Standard SSL Works

Issued by a trusted Certificate Authority, a Standard SSL Certificate encrypts data using a cryptographical method which consists of two keys: The Public Key and the Private Key. Utilized together to formulate encrypted connections, a public key encrypts data, whereas a private key decrypts and restores data.

If a hacker tries to eavesdrop on your communication, they won’t be able to read any data you’re sending to the website. For example, let’s assume that you’ve submitted your password:


Once encrypted, a hacker wouldn’t be able to read your password. Instead, they’d see scrambled text like this:


That’s how a standard SSL certificate protects your private data (credit cards, passwords, etc.) from hackers.

Technical Features and Benefits of a Standard SSL Certificate

  • Fast and Easy Issuance: The Certificate Issuing Process takes only a couple of minutes.
  • Lowest Pricing: Since it is a low-budget certificate, the DV SSL is the cheapest type. Prices start at just $5.88 per year.
  • Compatibility: All standard SSL certificates we offer are compatible with all modern browsers and devices
  • 24X7 Customer Support: A tech savvy team is always at your service. 24X7, 365.
  • SHA-256 Bit Encryption and RSA 2048-Bit Encryption : Our standard SSL certificates meet or exceed industry standard technical specifications.
  • Unlimited Server Licensing: Your SSL certificate price won’t increase if you need to install it on multiple servers!
  • Product Warranty: Comes with a warranty for liability protection worth thousands of dollars
  • HTTPS Secure: Secures your website from hackers and provides your customers security.
  • Site Seal and Padlock: Provides visual trust indicators for your website visitors.
  • Google Approved: A standard SSL certificate is all you need to get a Google rankings boost and to show as “Secure” in Google Chrome.

True to its name, the Standard or Single Domain SSL certificate can only protect a single domain. For example, suppose you have purchased a single domain SSL Certificate for www.abc.com, this means that now you cannot also secure mail.abc.com. (If you need to do that, check out wildcard certificates.)

Standard SSL Certificate Authentication and Verification

The verification process to get a Standard SSL DV is easy and fast and it just requires the domain owner to prove that the respective domain belongs to him/her. There are several options, you can choose whichever is easiest for you and get your certificate issued within 5 minutes.

Email-Based Authentication

The Certificate Authority sends an email to an official email (eg [email protected] or the email listed on your WHOIS registration), asking if the domain owner has applied for a DV Certificate. Once a reply in the affirmative is received, the verification process is completed, and the approval is done within minutes.

File-Based Authentication

An alternative way to obtain a DV Certificate is via a File-Based Authentication Method. With this approach, the CA sends over a text file to be uploaded to your website in a specific directory (/.well-known/pki-validation/). Once done, the CA verifies and approves it.

CNAME-Based Validation

There is also another method called the CNAME-Based Validation Method which only works for Comodo Customers. Comodo sends you two hashes – SHA -2 and MD5. Next, you need to enter these respective hashes in a CNAME DNS record on your domain name. After which, Comodo verifies and approves your certificate.

When is a Standard SSL Certificate Not Enough?

Domain Validation Certificates are best suited for Small Businesses, Bloggers, Freelancers, test domains, etc., as they provide a secured HTTPS connection but only for a specific Single Domain. A larger organization on the other hand means a number of domains and subdomains, which is not possible for a simple DV Certificate to cover. Moreover, the Standard SSL DV does not provide identity assurance or activate the green address bar. For such organizations who are looking for those extra benefits, we recommend either an OV or EV SSL Certificate based on your specific requirements.

Pricing Options for Standard SSL Certificate

As an entry -level certificate, the Standard SSL Certificate price range is also one of the lowest. For example: The Comodo PositiveSSL is priced as low as USD $5.88 for an entire year!

How is this Low Price Possible?

In order to provide security to individuals and small and medium businesses at scale, Certificate Authorities have constructed a trusted network of Resellers who provide these certificates at affordable prices. As a platinum partner, CheapSSLsecurity.com offers you the lowest prices on affordable Domain Validated Certificates:

  • Comodo PositiveSSL
  • RapidSSL
  • Comodo Essential SSL
  • Comodo Positive Multi-Domain SSL
  • Thawte SSL 123
  • GeoTrust QuickSSL Premium
  • Sectigo SSL
  • Comodo PositiveSSL Wildcard
  • Comodo Essential SSL Wildcard
  • Sectigo SSL Wildcard

Editor’s Suggestions:

Priced as low as USD $5.88 a year, the Comodo PositiveSSL is the cheapest of the lot. Also jam-packed with a bunch of features, this certificate is perfect in case you are looking to activate ‘HTTPS’ as well as get the benefits of the Comodo brand.

However, if you are looking for a little more assurance, we suggest a GeoTrust QuickSSL Premium, which comes with a staggering warranty of $500,000 and offers a Dynamic Site Seal for your users which reflects increased trust and authenticity.

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