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Choose from a wide selection of top SSL Certificate Solutions is the world's cheapest SSL certificate provider that offers solutions from leading SSL Certificate Authorities like DigiCert, GeoTrust, Thawte, RapidSSL and Sectigo (formerly Comodo). Since 2013, has been the go-to online storefront that offers consumers the lowest-priced SSL Certificate options available anywhere, globally. provides the most-popular SSL certificate solutions at all validation levels, such as Domain Validation, Organization Validation (OV or Business Validation) and Extended Validation (EV), with Single Name, Wildcard and Multi-Domain certificate types also available. In addition, offers Code Signing and Email & Document Signing Certificates at unbeatable prices too.

Depending on your specific needs of your company or organization, we recommend high-assurance EV SSL Certificate, which are ideal for securing websites where identity, privacy and integrity matter most, maybe a large E-commerce website, Banking, Government, Healthcare, Social Media platform, etc. Or if you just need bare-bones encrytpion you can get a lightning-fast Domain Validated SSL certificate, which is perfect for securing a startup, small or medium-sized business, blog or personal brand website.

For companies or organizations securing multiple domains, we offer Multi-Domain (SAN) SSL Certificates, which are available at either the Domain, Organization or Extended Validation levels. And for securing any and all sub-domains that may accompany your main domain, offers Wildcard SSL Certificates, as well.

Regardless of your server type, we has the perfect solution for your website, including a selection of Unified Communication (UCC) SSL Certificates to help secure domains running on Microsoft Office Communication and MS Exchange servers.

We can even help with securing software, applications, documents and email thanks to an incredible selection of Code, Email & Document Signing Certificates. No matter what your security needs are, has the right solution at a price that just can't be beat.

Extended Validation SSL


Extended Validation (EV) SSL Certificates are the industry's top rated and most trusted SSL products thanks to the fact they inspire the most trust in consumers. EV SSL enriches any website with HTTPS and the Green Address Bar, which displays the company or organization's name next to the URL. This indicates that the website is verified by a trusted certificate authority and assures users that they can share their information without any fear of information theft or breach.

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Wildcard SSL


Wildcard SSL Certificates are used for securing sub-domains, a single Wildcard can protect an unlimited number of sub-domains and one first level domain. So if a company or organizaton owns a website with multiple sub-domains, then a Wildcard SSL Certificate is a perfect option. Wildcard SSL Certificates are available at both the Domain Validation and Organization Validation level. Best of all, Wildcards simplify SSL management and save valuable time and money as well.

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OV SSL Certificates


Organization Validation (OV) SSL Certificates are also called Business Validation SSL Certificates. OV SSL assures users that a company or organization has been verified by a trusted Certificate Authority, which indicates that the business is legitimate and that there is no risk of data or identity theft. Certificate Authorities like Symantec, Comodo, Thawte and GeoTrust offer a range OV SSL Certificates, and carries them all at the lowest prices on the internet.

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Multi-Domain SAN-UCC SSL


If a company or organization needs to secure multiple domains, then Multi-Domain (UCC/SAN) SSL certificate are the best option. Using a Multi-Domain certificate, a business can protect up to 250 multiple domains all with a single certificate. Best of all, Multi-Domain SSL Certificates come available at the Domain, Organization AND Extended Validation levels.

Note: To secure websites housed on Microsoft Office Communication or MS Exchange servers, Unified Communication (UCC) SSL certificates are used.

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Multi-Domain Wildcard


A Multi-Domain Wildcard SSL certificate is as the most comprehensive SSL solution you can ask for. A single Multi-Domain Wildcard SSL certificate can secure unlimited sub-domains along with up to 250 fully qualified domain names (FQDNs). Available at Domain Validation and Organization Validation levels, a Multi-Domain Wildcard SSL certificate is a solution that saves your valuable time as well as your hard-earned money.

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Domain Validation SSL


Domain Validations SSL Certificates offer industry-standard encryption and can be issued in just minutes. DV SSL Certificates are designed to secure small/medium-sized single domain websites. they are highly recommended for non-E-commerce websites that don't deal with any payment or transactions and do not collect personal information. Comodo and RapidSSL are two of the world's leading Domain Validated SSL Certificate providers and nobody carries them at cheaper prices than

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Code Signing SSL


Code Signing certificates allow developers to sign and protect Software and Applications using digital signing technology, and to distribute them securely over the internet. When software is signed with a code signing certificate, it verifies the identity of the creator while ensuring that nobody tampers with it. Code Signing Certificates support platforms like Java, Android, iOS, Microsoft, MS Documents, Adobe, Brew, Firefox Addons, Chrome extensions, etc.

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Renew SSL

SSL Renewals

An expired SSL Certificate costs the average Global 5,000 Company upwards of 40-million dollars. 40 MILLION! That's right, according to a recent Ponemon Survey, the average Global 5,000 company spends $15 million just to recover from loss of business and another $25 million on potential compliance impact.

Now, maybe your company isn't that big. Maybe you don't think this applies to you.

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Compare SSL

Compare SSL

We at, invested our time and researched on all types of SSL certificates and made all these SSL comparison pages. We have almost compared all elements of SSL certificates to help user’s regarding their SSL choice. Our comparison pages have designed and developed for all types of certificates to discover the best option for your website security in few minutes. It’s always highly recommended by experts to compare each brand for their premium security features, so you will have the best SSL certificate for your website security. Let’s compare Domain Validated SSL, Wildcard Certificate, OV SSL, EV SSL, Multi Domain SSL, and Code Signing Certificates in just one click at CheapSSLsecurity.

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Petar N.Jul. 2024


"Excellent platform with a wide selection of solutions suitable just for you here you can find the right certificate just for your purposes and at the best prices. The support is very good. I highly recommend to anyone who needs a certificate."

Raed NeshiewatJul. 2024


"Very fast delivery. Installation was easy with no problems. If you are installing a wildcard SSL certificate on cPanel, you need to specify the actual domain name, don't try to install it on * , you have to install it on each subdomain such as,,..etc. Use the same certificate for each subdomain you install. Good luck!"

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