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Want Cheaper?
Buy Multiple Years


Want Cheaper?
Buy Multiple Years

Note: Starting in May 2023, new industry requirements from the CA/B Forum require that all code signing certificate keys are stored on an HSM or compliant hardware token. Certificates installed on secure USB tokens cannot be exported, some applications may not support this. Learn more about certificate delivery options.

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Protect your software with a Comodo Code Signing Certificate

If you're a commercial software publisher who distributes code or content over the web, that code is susceptible to malicious acts. The last thing you can afford is a tarnished reputation since online success is built on trust. Safeguard your reputation with Comodo Code Signing Digital IDs for Microsoft Authenticode. Your Digital ID acts like a business license, giving your users the same reassurance they'd have if your software was protected by digital shrink wrap.

How does Authenticode work with Comodo Digital IDs?

How can end users be sure that your code, in fact, comes from you and hasn't been changed or corrupted? It's easy and affordable with a Comodo Code Signing Certificate. Now users can confidently download digitally signed 32-bit or 64-bit Portable Executable (.exe, .ocx, .dll or other) or .cab files. The digital signature confirms your information. Plus, you'll love the low price!

Authenticode is based on well-proven, industry standard cryptography protocols like X.509 v3 certificates and PKCS #7 and #10 signature standards. In using digital signature technology to confirm integrity for users, Authenticode protocols use a cryptographic digest, a one-way hash of the document which saves time.

What is Code Signing?

When making a software purchase in a brick and mortar store, customers don't question the integrity of the software so long as the shrink wrap is intact. But what about when they download digitally signed Active X controls, dynamic link libraries, .cab files or HTML content from your site? How can you give them the same confidence so they trust that you are the true source and the code hasn't been tampered with?

Microsoft's Authenticode technology along with Digital IDs that come with your Comodo Code Signing Certificate let you include your information in your digital signature. If foul play has occurred, the signature will break to give customers a heads-up the code has been corrupted.

When users download software that's protected with a Comodo Code Signing Certificate issued by Comodo Certificate Authority they can make an informed decision and be sure of the:

  • Content Source: End users can verify the software truly comes from the publisher who signed it.
  • Content Integrity: End users can verify the software has not been changed since it was signed.

In addition to the accountability factor, users have resources against the publisher in the event the software performs malicious activity on their computers, both of which act to minimize the risk of destructive code. Code Signing Certificates help Developers and Web Masters build trusted relationships with their users and include ActiveXT controls and other signed executables to build interesting website pages.

A Comodo Code Signing Certificate protects software content including software objects, macros, device drivers, firmware images, virus updates and configuration files that are downloaded over the Internet by simply appending a digital signature to the executable code so no actual change to the code itself is necessary. It's the best way to give users the comfort level they need that you are the original source of the code and nothing has been done to jeopardize the integrity of the code.

Digital signatures are created using a check and balance type of system that involves a key pair. This key pair is comprised of a private key that only the owner knows and a public key. Both are needed since the private key is used to generate the signature, while the public key is used to validate it.

Cheap Price

You can pick up a cheap Comodo Code Signing Certificate starting at just $212.80 per year, that’s 20% off the vendor price!

Please note: This product requires you to complete Telephone Verification. For new customers/orders after October 6th, 2016, Comodo requires either a Dun and Bradstreet, listing, or a Legal Opinion Letter to complete telephone verification. Other third party telephone directories such as will not be accepted after this date. If you cannot complete these options, please contact support at [email protected] as we have other solutions that may be easier for you to complete.

Features & Benefits of Comodo Code Signing Digital ID

  • Give your customers peace of mind that the integrity of your code has not been compromised.
  • With Digital IDs your customers can confirm you are the author. Plus, they'll be able to contact you if they have questions or issues. There's no better way to protect your reputation.
  • Most browsers won't allow action commands from downloaded code without a Digital ID and signature from a trusted Certificate Authority like Comodo.
  • Code signing certificates are user-friendly along with the tools used to create products, macros and objects.
  • Digitally signs Microsoft 32-bit/64-bit .exe, .ocx, .dll, .cab files and kernel mode software
  • Secures Java, Microsoft VBA, Microsoft Office Documents & Software
  • Allows to Sign Mobile Platforms such as Apple, Android, Windows Mobile
  • Allows to Sign Desktop Platforms such as Microsoft Authenticode, Adobe & Brew
  • Round-the-clock 24/7 email support
  • Make sure your active content or code can’t be tampered with
  • Unlimited signing with a valid code signing certificate

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"Very fast delivery. Installation was easy with no problems. If you are installing a wildcard SSL certificate on cPanel, you need to specify the actual domain name, don't try to install it on * , you have to install it on each subdomain such as,,..etc. Use the same certificate for each subdomain you install. Good luck!"

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