What is an EV SSL Certificate and How Do I Get One?

You may be here because you’re wondering “what is an EV SSL certificate?” or “what is an EV certificate?” Both of those questions are easy for us to answer. Extended validation (EV) SSL certificates are X.509 digital certificates that offer the highest level of authentication available with SSL/TLS. Essentially, they’re premium SSL certificates, often used by enterprises and well-known companies to identify themselves on the internet.

As you’re no doubt aware, trust is currency online. You can’t do business if people don’t trust you.

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EV SSL vs SSL (Standard SSL) Certificate — Which Is Right for My Website?

We get asked a lot about extended validation (EV) SSL certificates and whether they’re right for most websites. It’s the whole EV SSL vs SSL (meaning standard SSL certificates) debate. And, historically, if you were transacted in any kind of sensitive information, the answer had been “yes, EV is absolutely worth it for the visual indicator — your organization’s name showcased in browsers’ address bars – alone!”

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OV SSL vs EV SSL — Which Type of Certificate Should You Choose?

OV SSL vs EV SSL. Purchasing the “right” SSL certificate is a little bit more complicated than some of the hosting providers may have you believe. That’s largely owed to the fact they’re trying to sell you on a certain type or validation level that they’re likely getting good pricing on. It’s a resale opportunity. Everyone is trying to sell you something. Remember that.

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Where Can I Get a Wildcard EV SSL Certificate?

We’ll discuss why this type of SSL certificate is seemingly impossible to find

EV wildcard SSL certificates are rare beasts, almost never observed in the wild. We get asked a lot where one can find such a rare certificate and we always tell them that journey will be long and arduous. First, you’ll need to find a mirror that can transport you to Narnia… Oh, that sounds fantastical? Well, EV wildcards are just as fantastical.

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Free EV SSL Certificate – Is It Possible?

Why extended validation is not something that comes cheap for site security

It’s no secret that people love free things. A complimentary breakfast at a hotel. A free estimate for a service job. A free sample of food at the grocery store. This “I want it free” mindset even spills over into the IT security world with the idea of a free EV SSL. It’s such a popular topic that we already wrote an article on the topic of free SSL certificates vs paid SSL certificates.

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