Everything You Need to Know About an SSL Cipher and Cipher Lists

What is an SSL Cipher Suite? What’s included on the SSL cipher suite list? We’ve got your answers

If the term “SSL cipher” or “SSL cipher suite” reminds you of a character named “Cypher” in the movie “The Matrix,” then you must also be a serious Matrix fan! Well, as much as we’d love to discuss the film more in depth, we cannot (you can understand why). That’s why, in this post, we’re going to limit our focus to , and how they’re used in modern day cryptography and SSL/TLS security. After all, that’s what you’re here to learn about, right?

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Where to Get an S/MIME Certificate at an Affordable Price

Here’s your ultimate guide to getting an S/MIME certificate at the best prices

“What? Seriously?” This is the common reaction many cyber security aware individuals reveal when they see an organization not using or even thinking of not getting an S/MIME certificate. Not using an S/MIME certificate to protect your email communications is like taking your car for a 500-mile drive without taking your toolbox (or, at least, a spare tire). It’s a bad idea that can leave you in some pretty hairy or unsafe situations.

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What Is S/MIME Encryption? How Does It Work?

Here’s what you need to know S/MIME encryption and the way it works

The world of internet acronyms is quite weird. Some sound like they belong in the dental industry, while others sound like reptiles in Africa. Today, we’re going to talk about a term that may (or may not) sound more like some sort of performance art than an internet standard: S/MIME.

What Is S/MIME and How Does It Benefit Encryption?

But what is S/MIME encryption? S/MIME stands for secure/multipurpose internet mail extensions, and it is an email signing security protocol that uses encryption to increase email confidentiality and integrity. Much like an SSL/TLS, S/MIME is also implemented using a certificate that’s known as an S/MIME certificate.

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How Do You Reissue an SSL Certificate?

The easy as ABC-123 — your step-by-step process to getting an SSL certificate reissued

Sometimes in life, stuff happens. And the world of HTTPS is no different. There are times when you will need to reissue your SSL certificate. This means that something has happened over the course of the certificate’s lifespan that has caused a need for it to be replaced.

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