Where to Get an S/MIME Certificate at an Affordable Price

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Here’s your ultimate guide to getting an S/MIME certificate at the best prices

“What? Seriously?” This is the common reaction many cyber security aware individuals reveal when they see an organization not using or even thinking of not getting an S/MIME certificate. Not using an S/MIME certificate to protect your email communications is like taking your car for a 500-mile drive without taking your toolbox (or, at least, a spare tire). It’s a bad idea that can leave you in some pretty hairy or unsafe situations.

Really, it’s that simple. But the sad reality is that most organizations don’t use these certificates — and, frankly, that irritates people like us. Fortunately, as you’re reading this sentence right now, you’ve likely decided to get an S/MIME certificate to protect your emails.

Before we get to the “where to get an S/MIME certificate” part of this article, let’s first learn more about S/MIME certificates to have a better idea of what they do.

S/MIME Certificates: Bedrock of Email Security

S/MIME, which stands for secure/multipurpose internet mail extensions, is an email signing protocol that’s used to improve email security. This protocol is implemented using a certificate, the way we implement SSL/TLS.

An S/MIME certificate:

  • Ensures authentication of your emails by making sure that the emails are read only by the intended recipient(s). In technical terms, this is called “authentication.”
  • Thwarts man-in-the-middle (MitM) attacks by encrypting and decrypting your email messages so that no unauthorized third parties can see your emails.
  • Ensures that your emails reach their intended recipients unaltered, without any tampering by a cybercriminal.
  • Provides end-to-end encryption by encrypting emails stored on the email servers.
  • Allows you to digitally sign your emails.

The Cost of S/MIME Certificates

We understand that you don’t want to spend a hefty amount. Heck, nobody wants to spend a hefty amount on an S/MIME certificate! While other S/MIME certificate providers offer certificates for upwards of $45 per year, we at CheapSSLsecurity.com provide you with these solutions starting at just $9.98 per year. And, yes, our certificates give you the same level of security as the more expensive ones. Awesome, right?

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Where You Can Get an S/MIME Certificate at an Affordable Price

Although there are many companies providing S/MIME certificates, Comodo CA leads the line in terms of popularity and affordability. Conventionally, S/MIME certificates have been used only by the most security-mature organizations, but Comodo CA’s inventions have changed this narrative in the past few years, thanks to their affordable prices and easiness to deploy.

Comodo CA’s S/MIME certificates are known as “Comodo Personal Authentication Certificates (CPAC).” They allow you to authenticate your identity and encrypt your emails/files with a few quick clicks of your mouse. Whether you’re from a large corporation or a contractor, Comodo CA’s S/MIME certificates give you the ability to digitally sign and encrypt your emails and files.

When it comes to S/MIME certificates, Comodo CA offers three options: CPAC Basic, CPAC Pro and CPAC Enterprise. Let’s see each of them in a bit detail.

CPAC Basic CPAC Pro CPAC Enterprise
Ideal For Freelancers, Sole Proprietors Small Organizations Medium and Large Organizations
Validation Requirements Domain Control Domain Control

Identity Verification

Domain Control

Identity Verification

Organization Validation

Maximum Validity 3 Years 3 Years 3 Years
Encryption Strength 2048-bit Signature Key 2048-bit Signature Key 2048-bit Signature Key
Browser Compatibility 100% Email Client and Browser Compatibility 100% Email Client and Browser Compatibility 100% Email Client and Browser Compatibility
Certificate Fields [email protected] [email protected]

First Name, Last Name

[email protected]

First Name, Last Name

Company Name

Company Address

Reissuance Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Server Licenses Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Email Encryption Yes Yes Yes
Email Signing Yes Yes Yes
Document Signing Yes Yes Yes
Client Authentication Yes Yes Yes
Price $9.98 per year $31.71 per year $41.79 per year
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