A Free Email Certificate – Is it Really Possible?

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Is there any way you could get free email certificates? Let’s find out

We get asked repeatedly whether a free email certificate is a real thing. Well, had you asked this question some time back, we’d have said “yes.” But now, that’s no longer the case as Comodo CA has stopped issuing free email certificates. However, you don’t need to feel disappointed as there are inexpensive email signing certificates that cost you less than a pint of beer per month! That’s one heck of a bargain, isn’t it?

Before we explore the smartest buying options in the email certificate category, let’s first understand the benefits of investing in an email certificate since getting a free email certificate isn’t an option.

Why Should You Buy an Email Signing Certificate?

Why do robbers rob banks? Simple — because that’s where the money is. Similarly, where should attackers target if they want to rob an organization? The answer is simple: email. And that’s what they do. This is because major critical communication in almost all organizations nowadays takes place through emails. This could include super-sensitive product details, financial information, research data, etc.

The latest email security report by Barracuda shows that more than 82% of organizations claim to have faced an attempted email-based security threat in the past year. And 66% of organizations say that attacks have had a “direct monetary cost on their organization in the last year. Nearly a quarter report that cyber attacks have cost their organizations $100,000 or more.”

Email certificates, also known as S/MIME certificates, are a great solution to the serious concern that is email security. These types of digital certificates are called S/MIME certificates because of their use of the S/MIME protocol that is used to sign and protect emails.

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How S/MIME Certificates Benefit Your Organization

So, how exactly does an S/MIME certificate work?

An email signing certificate protects you on three fronts:

  • It facilitates the authentication of the email. In other words, it makes sure that your email gets read only by your intended recipient. Therefore, both the parties know whom they’re talking to.
  • It provides end-to-end encryption. An email signing certificate encrypts your emails while they’re in transit and when they’re stored on the server. Your emails remain safe even if the hacker has the encrypted data, as cracking the encryption is almost impossible. This means no unintended third party can tamper with the data.
  • It allows you to add digital signatures. Email security certificate allows you to digitally sign your emails to prove their legitimacy and to protect the integrity of your data.

Comodo Personal Authentication Certificate: Email Security at Just $9.98/year

If you’re familiar with SSL/TLS certificates, then you’ve likely heard of Comodo CA is. Comodo CA is the most trusted SSL certificate authority (CA) in the world. However, they don’t limit themselves to only issuing SSL/TLS certificates. They’ve expanded their horizons, and email security certificates are yet another such domain where they have made their presence felt by offering top of the line security and super affordable prices.

A Comodo Personal Authentication Certificate/SMIME certificate allows you to sign and encrypt your emails digitally. All it takes is a few clicks of your mouse and then you can authenticate your identity and encrypt your emails and any attachments within them. Whether you want to encrypt the emails of a billion-dollar company or a freelancer who’s sitting and working while soaking up the sun on a beach, Comodo CA’s S/MIME certificates allow you to sign and encrypt your emails the same way.

The price of these certificates starts at as low as $9.98/year. Comodo CA offers three variations when it comes to its email security certificates. Let’s review these three types of certificates along with their features:

CPAC Basic CPAC Pro CPAC Enterprise
Ideal For Freelancers, Sole Proprietors Small Organizations Medium and Large Organizations
Validation Requirements Domain Control Domain Control

Identity Verification

Domain Control

Identity Verification

Organization Validation

Max. Term 3 Years 3 Years 3 Years
Encryption Strength 2048-bit Signature Key 2048-bit Signature Key 2048-bit Signature Key
Browser Compatibility 100% email client and browser compatibility 100% email client and browser compatibility 100% email client and browser compatibility
Certificate Fields [email protected] [email protected]

First Name, Last Name

[email protected]

First Name, Last Name

Company Name

Company Address

Re-Issues Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Server Licenses Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Email Encryption Yes Yes Yes
Email Signing Yes Yes Yes
Document Signing Yes Yes Yes
Client Authentication Yes Yes Yes
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Our Two Cents

As you came searching for a free email certificate, we don’t have any doubt that you understand the need for an email security certificate. Unfortunately, they’re no longer available for free. But, like most things in life, there’s a price for everything. In this case, you can see why it’s easy to view the cost of an S/MIME certificate as more of an investment in your business than an expense.