What is the Sectigo Trust Seal? How Do I Get It?

Understanding Sectigo Site Seals and the Value They Add

One aspect of SSL/TLS certificates that not enough people leverage is the site seal. You’ve gone through the trouble of letting a trusted certificate authority (CA) verify you — why not advertise that fact? Most people recognize these security companies, so having a seal — such as a Sectigo trust seal — that signifies that they checked you and you’re OK is kind of nice.

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What the Comodo Secure Seal is and How to Get It

Decrease shopping cart abandonment and increase trust with a Comodo website security seal

E-Commerce businesses are facing an up-hill battle when it comes to building consumer trust. After all, news headlines highlight the world’s growing cyber security concerns on a daily basis. They blast about data breaches, stolen customer data, and leaked payment information.

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What is SSL Inspection and Why Should You Use It?

Inspecting your HTTPS traffic is critical, especially at scale

A lack of SSL inspection can bring down giants. Do you remember the Equifax data breach — the one that compromised the data of millions of people, cost millions of dollars and caused the credit bureau to get its own credit rating downgraded? Yeah, that one. The breach went unaddressed for 76 days because an expired digital certificate caused it to lose the ability to inspect its own traffic.

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What is SSL Certificate Chain – Explained by Certificate Authority

Are you wondering what is SSL certificate chain order or how does SSL certificate chain work? Do you want to find out about some SSL certificate chain examples? In this article, we explain everything you need to know about SSL certificate chain and how to purchase the best SSL certificates from trusted certificate authorities.

What is SSL Certificate Chain Order?

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