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GeoTrust is a Certificate Authority with a wide variety of options for small, medium, and enterprise-level website security. GeoTrust offers a wide range of budget-friendly SSL certificates including Domain Validated SSL, Organization Validated SSL, Extended Validation SSL, and Multi-Domain SAN certificates.

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What is an EV SSL Certificate and How Do I Get One?

You may be here because you’re wondering “what is an EV SSL certificate?” or “what is an EV certificate?” Both of those questions are easy for us to answer. Extended validation (EV) SSL certificates are X.509 digital certificates that offer the highest level of authentication available with SSL/TLS. Essentially, they’re premium SSL certificates, often used by enterprises and well-known companies to identify themselves on the internet.

As you’re no doubt aware, trust is currency online. You can’t do business if people don’t trust you.

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What Is the Purpose of SSL Certificates?

As of July 2018, every website now needs an SSL certificate, lest it be marked “not secure” by browsers like Google Chrome. That’s led to an influx of site owners scrambling to grab digital certificates that many of them know very little about. So, in this article to answer questions like “what is the purpose of SSL certificates” or “what is the purpose of SSL,” we’ll cover the basics:

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One SSL for Multiple Domains — Is It Possible?

With the advent of server name indication (SNI) several years ago, the number of different kinds of SSL certificates that are available has multiplied several times. It’s no longer the case that websites need to have a dedicated IP address to use SSL — there are now many different options for shared hosting situations where multiple websites reside on a single IP address.

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EV SSL vs SSL (Standard SSL) Certificate — Which Is Right for My Website?

We get asked a lot about extended validation (EV) SSL certificates and whether they’re right for most websites. It’s the whole EV SSL vs SSL (meaning standard SSL certificates) debate. And, historically, if you were transacted in any kind of sensitive information, the answer had been “yes, EV is absolutely worth it for the visual indicator — your organization’s name showcased in browsers’ address bars – alone!”

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What is Wildcard Domain SSL and How Does a Wildcard Domain Certificate Work?

A wildcard SSL certificate, or a wildcard domain SSL certificate as some people call it, is a special variant of SSL certificate that’s specifically designed to secure subdomains. A wildcard character in programming represents a variable that can be anything within a certain range. SSL/TLS is no different. The asterisk stands in at the subdomain level you’re trying to secure.

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