Thawte vs DigiCert: An SSL/TLS Certificate Brand Comparison

Certificate authorities play a pivotal role in the security of your online business. They’re responsible for issuing the digital certificates that secure your website, assert organizational identity and protect the integrity of your data in transit — all of which build trust with web clients and your customers. This article will compare two reputable CAs — Thawte vs DigiCert

Thawte vs DigiCert — this comparison boils down to a battle between two of the industry’s most reputable certificate authorities (CAs). Who will gain your trust (and business), and why do they deserve it?

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GeoTrust vs DigiCert – What to Know Before Buying a Certificate

In a world where the business is thriving online, cybercriminals are often a step ahead. This is why it is imperative to apply apt measures to protect your website and business from online fraud. SSL/TLS certificates have become indispensable for the management of a successful website. Although there are many companies selling SSL certificates, this article will compare GeoTrust vs DigiCert to help you make an informed decision when choosing the right certificate authority (CA) for you.

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How to Install an SSL Certificate in HostGator

Not sure what the process is in HostGator to add an SSL certificate? Here’s your 7-step process

An SSL certificate enables encrypted data to transmit between two parties — typically, a user’s browser and the website’s server. It removes the “Not Secure” warning message and displays a padlock symbol in front of the domain name in the address bar. While understanding what an SSL certificate does is great, it’s another thing entirely to understand how to install an SSL certificate in HostGator so you can actually use one.

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Comodo SSL vs DigiCert SSL: Finding the Right Certificate for You

Get the lowdown on the pros and cons of Comodo SSL vs DigiCert SSL certificates

In the sophisticated world of SSL certificates, it’s easy to get overwhelmed when browsing for options. There are endless certificate authorities (CAs), brands, validation levels, types, etc. — and each with a different set of features and benefits. Where to start? What to choose? So many questions!

It’s okay, just breathe. We’ve got your back. You’re clearly here because you’re debating Comodo SSL vs DigiCert SSL. Both present many — and different — advantages. We’ve broken down their advantages into four categories. These categories are some of the staple items you should consider when researching the best SSL certificate options for you.

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Let’s Encrypt SSL vs Wildcard SSL — Why You Should Choose a Paid Certificate Provider

Diving into the debate of free and paid wildcard SSL certificate providers with ‘Let’s Encrypt SSL vs Wildcard SSL’

The best things in life are free. This might be true for many things, but what if that free thing came with a bunch of hassles and ineffective elements? Would it still be the best? If you really need this “thing,” then the paid version just might be better.

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Paid Wildcard SSL vs Free Wildcard SSL: Which Certificate Is Best for You?

Here’s a comparison of paid and free wildcard SSL certificates to help you make an informed decision

“Why should I pay for an SSL certificate if it’s available for free?” and “If there are free wildcard SSL certificates, then why are some people buying paid ones?” If these two questions had popped into your head, you’re not alone. Many people are looking for free SSL certificates, including free wildcard SSL certificates. But in the debate about paid vs free wildcard certificates, which is the better option for your business?

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Let’s Encrypt vs Comodo CA: Which One is Right for Your Website?

Confused or having a hard time choosing between Comodo CA and Let’s Encrypt? Well, here are some key things to consider

Let’s Encrypt vs Comodo CA — this has become one of the most head-scratching debates for people looking for an ideal SSL/TLS certificate for their website. As you’re reading this post right now, you must be in the same boat. And as far as we can tell, you’re headed in the right direction. In this post, we’ll help you learn about Comodo CA and Let’s Encrypt — two of the most popular certificate authorities (CAs) on the internet.

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Comodo SSL vs GoDaddy SSL: Price & Side-by-Side Comparison

Not sure how to choose between GoDaddy & Comodo for your SSL certificate needs? Well, here’s what you need to know

If you’re thinking of purchasing an SSL/TLS certificate, you may be feeling a bit confused about what brand is the best choice. And as you’re reading this post right now, you’ve narrowed down your choice of certificate authority (CA) to GoDaddy and Comodo CA. Well, that’s a good bit of work you did. In this post, we’ll compare GoDaddy SSL vs Comodo SSL to pick the perfect SSL/TLS certificate for your website. Here we go…

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Top 10 Cheapest Single Domain SSL Certificates

Planning to get a single domain SSL certificate? Here’s your ultimate guide

Graphic: sslAs you’re on this page, you must be realizing that purchasing an SSL certificate isn’t as easy as it sounds. After all, there are so many brands and types of certificates available at different prices. Well, don’t you worry as we’ve got you covered. We’ve been in the industry for more than a decade and know a thing or two about all of the different SSL certificates. This includes single domain SSL certificate types.

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