Comodo SSL vs GoDaddy SSL: Price & Side-by-Side Comparison

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Not sure how to choose between GoDaddy & Comodo for your SSL certificate needs? Well, here’s what you need to know

If you’re thinking of purchasing an SSL/TLS certificate, you may be feeling a bit confused about what brand is the best choice. And as you’re reading this post right now, you’ve narrowed down your choice of certificate authority (CA) to GoDaddy and Comodo CA. Well, that’s a good bit of work you did. In this post, we’ll compare GoDaddy SSL vs Comodo SSL to pick the perfect SSL/TLS certificate for your website. Here we go…

GoDaddy SSL Certificates

A giant in the world of internet, GoDaddy has made its name as world’s leading domain registrar and hosting company. Today, GoDaddy claims to have more than 78 million domains under management. Naturally, GoDaddy offers tons of services to its users apart from web hosting, and SSL/TLS certificates are one of these services. GoDaddy is an independent certificate authority and offers standard domain validation (DV), organization validation (OV), and extended validation (EV) SSL certificates.

Things to Consider Before Purchasing a GoDaddy SSL Certificate

  • If you’re a GoDaddy customer, the entire process becomes much easier as you get everything served at one place. If you’re not a GoDaddy customer, the process is the same as purchasing from any other certificate authority.
  • GoDaddy provides a range of certificates such as standard unified communications certificate (UCC), wildcard Certificates, and code signing certificates.
  • Doesn’t have the option of multi-domain wildcard SSL certificates if you want to secure multiple domains and subdomains under a single SSL certificate.
  • The pricing of GoDaddy SSL certificates is on the higher side compared to other certificate authorities. And the price goes up when you want to renew the certificate!

Comodo SSL Certificates

Comodo Platinum PartnerSince its inception back in 1998, Comodo CA has taken giant strides in the world of website security and has become the No. 1 certificate authority in the world. Comodo has done this on the back of its remarkable pricing and product options. In 2018, Comodo CA announced that it had issued more than 100 million SSL/TLS certificates. Comodo CA, now known as Sectigo, holds around 40% market share when it comes to Alexa top one million websites, according to research from Datanyze.

Things to be Consider Before Purchasing a Comodo SSL Certificate

  • Comodo CA is one of the most affordable certificate authorities in the world. Its SSL certificates start from as low as $5.45/year.
  • Across all certificate authorities, Comodo CA offers you the widest range of SSL/TLS certificates. Whether you’re a blogger operating out of Miami or you want to secure the website of a billion-dollar business, Comodo CA offers security solutions for everyone. They also offer certificates at all different price points through their various sub-brands: PositiveSSL, EssentialSSL, InstantSSL, EnterpriseSSL, etc.
  • Unlike GoDaddy, however, Comodo CA doesn’t offer hosting services. Therefore, you must purchase your SSL certificate separately from your hosting provider. The good news? Our certificates work with virtually all hosting platforms.
  • Comodo CA has gained recognition as one of the most trustworthy certificate authorities in the world. Comodo CA offers you an excellent round-the-clock SSL expert support.

GoDaddy vs Comodo: Side-by-Side Comparison

Criteria GoDaddy Comodo CA
Security 256-bit encryption and 2048-bit digital signature 256-bit encryption and 2048-bit digital signature
Browser Compatibility Compatible with all major browsers Compatible with 99.9% of all web and mobile browsers
Server License Single Unlimited
24/7 Technical Support Yes Yes
30-Day Money-Back Guarantee Yes Yes
Reissuance No Unlimited
Validation Levels Offered All All


Multi-Domain Wildcard SSL No Yes
Site Seal Yes Yes
Issuance Time Within minutes Within minutes
Pricing Starting at $63.99 per year Starting at $5.45 per year
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Final Thoughts: Comodo SSL vs GoDaddy SSL

In the battle between Comodo vs GoDaddy, there’s no denying that GoDaddy is one of the world’s leading web hosting and domain providers. However, when it comes to SSL certificates, there’s a good amount of distance that it needs to cover to reach the level of Comodo CA. If you’re thinking of purchasing an SSL certificate that not only protects your website but is also affordable, Comodo CA is, hands-down, the option you should be looking at.