GeoTrust vs DigiCert – What to Know Before Buying a Certificate

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In a world where the business is thriving online, cybercriminals are often a step ahead. This is why it is imperative to apply apt measures to protect your website and business from online fraud. SSL/TLS certificates have become indispensable for the management of a successful website. Although there are many companies selling SSL certificates, this article will compare GeoTrust vs DigiCert to help you make an informed decision when choosing the right certificate authority (CA) for you.

When you buy an SSL/TLS certificate, your choice of company and the type of plan you select will have lasting effects on your business as a whole. Hence, researching the products is crucial before making a decision. There are many types of SSL certificates available in the market depending on the size of your enterprise and the nature of security you require. The different types of SSL/TLS certificates are:

Both GeoTrust and DigiCert offer all different types of SSL/TLS certificates — everything from basic to premium certifications. So, how do you choose between them? One of the best ways is to review the certificates to see which one will best suit your needs.

To help you do this, we’re going to compare GeoTrust vs DigiCert digital certificates to help you make an informed choice.

Choose a Reputable Brand Name

One of the first features to impress the person visiting your website is the brand name they see to validate the website.  It’s obvious that well-known brand name seals are going to gain more trust than a self-certified site. These seals lend authenticity to the website. It makes visitors not only stay on the site but also feel more comfortable trusting it with their private information.

Both GeoTrust and DigiCert give reliable brand names for the certificate for their clients, but one is better known than the other. GeoTrust uses its own seal whereas DigiCert uses its own seal for DV clients and the Norton seal for premium clients. Frost & Sullivan has recognized DigiCert with the Global Company of the Year Award in 2020 based on its analysis of the TLS certificate market. It has gained the business of 89% of the Fortune 500 Companies.

Considering brand name usage in GeoTrust vs DigiCert, DigiCert certainly comes out ahead.

Technology & Authentication You Can Trust

The technology and process used to encrypt data play a pivotal role in determining the trustworthiness of the SSL certificate. GeoTrust and DigiCert both employ cutting-edge technical know-how to uphold industry standards. With encryption strength up to 256 bits and a key size of 2048 bits, both CAs issue certificates that ensure safe environments for their users. Both the certificates are compatible with 99% of the browsers. They are also versatile enough to work on any kind of device and on any OS.

Although some companies may try to say otherwise, the truth is that all SSL/TLS certificates meet the same encryption standard and technology. Where they differ is in terms of the authentication they offer. The same can be said about DigiCert and GeoTrust. However, both offer SSL/TLS certificates that meet the same encryption standards and technology.

You see, GeoTrust certificates offer domain validation certificates as well as OV and EV certificates. DigiCert, on the other hand, offers OV and EV (high assurance) SSL/TLS certificates only — no DV.

Side-By-Side Comparison of GeoTrust vs DigiCert


Criteria GeoTrust DigiCert
SSL-Type DV, OV, EV OV and EV
Encryption Length 2048 bits 2048 bits, expandable to 3072 bits and 4096 bits
Domain Security Single, multi-domain Single, multi-domain
Type of Site Seal Static, dynamic (GeoTrust) Dynamic (DigiCert + Norton)
Display Indicator Padlock icon, HTTPS, branded URL bar (for EV) Padlock icon, HTTPS, branded URL bar (for EV)
OS Compatibility Latest versions of Windows, Apple MAC, Linux, etc. Latest versions of Windows, Apple MAC, Linux, etc.
Mobile OS Compatibility Android, iOS, Windows Mobile, Blackberry OS, etc. Android, iOS, Windows Mobile, Blackberry OS, etc.
Browser Compatibility 99.9% web and mobile browsers 99.9% web and mobile browsers
Reissuance Unlimited Unlimited
Warranty Up to $1.5 million Up to $2 million
Refund Policy 15-day money-back guarantee 15-day money-back guarantee
Vulnerability Scanning No Yes, with some plans
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Validation Time

The CA will generally ask for specific business documents and will take time to review and authenticate them. This allows them to verify a business is legitimate before issuing an SSL/TLS certificate. The time taken is generally dependent on the type of certificate to be issued.

  • Domain validated certificates from both brands take only minutes to issue.
  • Organizational validated certificates and extended validated certificates, on the other hand, take one to three business days.

Customer Support Service

Customer support becomes crucial when you are experiencing technical difficulty and losing precious time for your business. SSL/TLS certificate issues can be highly technical and you might not be able to resolve the issue yourself. But there is good news: GeoTrust and DigiCert both offer 24/7 support to help you with your query.

Moreover, Swetha Krishnamoorthi, Industry Analyst at Frost & Sullivan, cites DigiCert as, “building a best-in-class customer support system” in the same press release we mentioned earlier.

Competitive Pricing

Whether you’re a big corporation or a small online trader, you’ll always want to spend on high-value services. The cost of SSL certificates, along with the features they provide, matters a lot when you have to decide between any two reputable providers like GeoTrust vs DigiCert.

The basic pricing of DigiCert cannot be compared to what GeoTrust gives. However, the amount of warranty provided by DigiCert is quite higher than that provided by GeoTrust.

On the other hand, the high-end plans offered by GeoTrust promise to give you high value for the money. You can also design your own tailor-made enterprise solution. GeoTrust organizational validation certificates start at $48.53 per year and DigiCert OV certificates start at $151.25 per year.

GeoTrust or DigiCert, Which One Should You Choose?

For a holistic review of GeoTrust vs DigiCert, the relationship between the two companies cannot be disregarded. DigiCert owns GeoTrust in addition to many other companies. This makes DigiCert the largest high-assurance certificate authority in the world.

According to a Netcraft SSL survey published February 2021, DigiICert’s market share commands “59% of the Extended Validation SSL certificate market, and 96% of organisation-validated certificates globally.” DigiCert is also a dominant member of the CA/Browser Forum that creates guidelines for CAs and web browsers.

Conclusively, we can say that GeoTrust is preferable if you are looking for competitive prices and DV certificates, which can be obtained within minutes.

Nevertheless, DigiCert is a high-assurance company that has earned the trust of millions of users for its quality. In addition to offering great certificates and service, they provide the users with the highly respected Norton Seal, assuring higher ROI. SSL/TLS certificates are all about trust and DigiCert has established itself as an unparalleled company within the market.