How to Choose the Best Basic SSL Certificate

We’ll compare the top five basic SSL certificates for your personal or eCommerce site

If you’re looking for a basic SSL certificate, you have so many options to choose from. But when it comes to basic SSL certificate prices, certificate costs can span the gamut because of a variety of factors including brand name, warranty, site seals, and other essentials that you can only get when buying a commercial SSL certificate from the right site.

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What is the difference between IP SSL vs SNI SSL certificates? Here’s how to choose the right one for your website

When it comes to choosing the right SSL/TLS certificate, everyone gets confused. It’s pretty obvious because there are so many types of certificates, versions, compatibility, verification levels, and technical components that selecting the most suitable certificate becomes a daunting process. One of the common issues people face is understanding the difference between IP based SSL and SNI SSL certificates. In this article, we address all the relevant points on the topic IP SSL vs SNI SSL certificate so you can make an informed decision.

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The Top 5 Premium SSL Certificates of 2021

Regardless of the type of SSL certificate you need, we’ve got the best Premium SSL Certificate options at the cheapest prices — period

As a business owner, it’s understandable that you’d only want the best of the best. This should include SSL premium certificates.

When you’re buying an SSL certificate, you can’t just go out and purchase the first one that catches your eye. Why? Because every certificate is different — and one size does NOT fit all.

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Positive SSL vs Comodo SSL: Which is Best for My Site?

A quick rundown of the difference between Positive SSL and Comodo SSL certificates

If you’re shopping for the best SSL certificate for your website, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the different options – warranties, coverage, validation, brands, and more. It’s particularly difficult when you’re trying to decide between two quality brands that offer great value in different ways — like comparing Positive SSL vs Comodo SSL.

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128 Bit vs 256 Bit SSL: The Technical Difference Explained

Since you’re here, we assume that you’ve been shopping around and looking at different SSL certificates to see what the best option would be for your domain or domains. Congratulations! That means either you care about the security and integrity of your site and data — or it means that you know Google has essentially made SSL a requirement for websites to not be marked as “Not Secure.” Either way, we’re just glad you’re here.

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Understanding the Difference: SSL Tunnel vs SSH Tunnel

Secure communication comes in many forms — from browsers to servers to applications and various other services. A lot of communication across the internet occurs behinds the scenes. In a sense, most/all of it does. This is where an SSL tunnel or SSH tunnel comes into play.

We need to ensure that some communication is really secure as it’s used for remote purposes or joining networks together to exchange/share services or it may secure functionality over users’ data or control what websites actually do.

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EV SSL vs SSL (Standard SSL) Certificate — Which Is Right for My Website?

We get asked a lot about extended validation (EV) SSL certificates and whether they’re right for most websites. It’s the whole EV SSL vs SSL (meaning standard SSL certificates) debate. And, historically, if you were transacted in any kind of sensitive information, the answer had been “yes, EV is absolutely worth it for the visual indicator — your organization’s name showcased in browsers’ address bars – alone!”

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OV SSL vs EV SSL — Which Type of Certificate Should You Choose?

OV SSL vs EV SSL. Purchasing the “right” SSL certificate is a little bit more complicated than some of the hosting providers may have you believe. That’s largely owed to the fact they’re trying to sell you on a certain type or validation level that they’re likely getting good pricing on. It’s a resale opportunity. Everyone is trying to sell you something. Remember that.

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Facing Off: AlphaSSL Wildcard vs Comodo Wildcard SSL

In this competition between two popular wildcard SSL certificates, which will come out on top?

(Cue our announcer-style voice.) In a battle for the heavyweight title of the best wildcard SSL certificate, we have two competitors. In corner one, our first contender is an AlphaSSL wildcard certificate. In the other corner is our second competitor, Comodo SSL wildcard certificate. Which type of wildcard will be victorious and why?

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