Free Multi Domain SSL Certificate — Is it Really Possible?

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Is a free multi domain SSL certificate really possible? Sure. Almost anything is possible. But much like some popular fashion styles and creations, because you can make something (free) doesn’t mean you should. And, furthermore, like many free things, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s something that is of good quality.

Sure, a free multi domain SSL certificate offers the same encryption as a commercial/paid SSL certificate. But there are several other things that a paid multi domain certificate offers that you can’t get with a free one.

Why a Paid Certificate Is Better Than a Free Multi Domain SSL Certificate

Much like free single domain SSL certificates, which you can then install on each website individually, you can get a free multi domain SSL certificate that covers multiple domains. However, it’s only valid for 90 days. After that, you’ll have to renew it or get a new one.

But that means a lot of public key infrastructure (PKI) certificate management work on your side to try to stay on top of the expiry dates. This way, you can ensure that your certificate remains valid and doesn’t expire before you have another one in place. If you’re thinking that an expired SSL certificate is no big deal, think again — even just one expired certificate on a single domain can cost your organization a lot of money.

With a paid certificate, on the other hand, you only have to reissue your certificate once every two years. That’s a lot easier to manage than every 90 days. Plus, you can even use your old certificate signing request (CSR)! Isn’t that convenient?

If you have a lot of domains, you likely aren’t going to be able to encrypt your entire portfolio of websites using a single free multi domain SSL certificate. Commercial multi domain SSL certificates, on the other hand, can cover many more domains under a single certificate. One paid multi domain SSL certificate from can cover up to a total of 250 domains!

So, Why Can’t We Just Offer Multi Domain Certificates for Free?

Validation, Support and Infrastructure Costs

Frankly, it’s just too much work to validate a multi domain SSL certificate for free. As with everything else in life, there are expenses associated with validation and the issuance of certificates — and this isn’t something that can be offered for free realistically. After all, they have staff to employ, people to train in the validation processes, and infrastructure to support.

Why Paid Multi Domain Certificates > Free Multi Domain SSL Certificates

Multiple Levels of Validation

Free multi domain SSL certificates only come with domain validation (DV), which is the most basic level of validation available. With a commercial multi domain certificate, on the other hand, you can choose from organization validation (OV) and extended validation (EV) certificates as well.


Do you want a little extra security for your site? Then we’ve got good news. Every commercial multi domain SSL certificate comes with a warranty. Depending on the certificate you buy, the warranty amounts can range from $10,000 to $2 million!

The free ones? Nope. They don’t come with any warranty. This means that in the event that the encryption somehow fails and you find yourself up a certain brown creek without a paddle, you’re on your own.

Site Seals

Ever see those security seals on your favorite ecommerce websites? They help you to know that the website you’re using is secure, so it’s safe to provide your personal or financial information for any transaction. With a commercial certificate, you get a site seal for free. With a free multi domain SSL certificate? Nothing. Nada. No trust seal for you!

Live Support — When and How You Need It

Commercial CAs offer something that the free SSL certificate providers don’t — 24/7 support, 365 days a year (366 days for you leap year lovers). Whether you want help over the phone, via email, or on the fly with web support, we’ve got you covered.

With a free multi domain SSL certificate, you’re left searching through written documentation and depending on people in web forums to share their knowledge. Maybe they can help… Yeah, we’re sure you know how helpful that can be.

What All of This Means For You

We do have some good news, though. While we’re not going to give you a free multi domain SSL certificate, we will provide you with a selection of the lowest priced multi domain SSL certificates you’ll find on the internet. We buy these certificates from the CAs in bulk at incredibly low prices and then flip them at razor-thin margins to ensure you get the best prices anywhere.

So, long story short: No, we don’t have a free multi domain SSL certificate to give you, but we can sell you the internet’s cheapest multi domain SSL certificate. This means you’ll get the best price while also getting to enjoy the 24/7/365 support, warranty, site seal, and other advantages of purchasing a commercial SSL certificate.

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