Is a Wildcard SAN certificate a good choice to secure my website?

Are you tired of juggling multiple certificates for all your primary domains and subdomains and are looking for a simpler solution to keep track of all your SSL certificate installations, validations, and renewals?

The SAN Wildcard SSL Certificate also known as a Multi-Domain Wildcard Certificate is a one stop solution, tailor-made to eradicate all your certificate related problems. With the ability to secure up to 250 domains and unlimited subdomains, the SSL SAN Wildcard is the jack-of-all-certificates. It brings the best of both worlds i.e., a simple Multi-Domain SAN Certificate and a Wildcard Certificate.

How a Wildcard certificate works

Suppose you wish to secure your domain ‘’ but you also want to secure subdomains such as ‘’. With a Wildcard Certificate, you will also be able to secure your site and all its subdomains with a single SSL certificate. While generating your CSR, add an asterisk before your domain name ‘*’ and voila, you can now secure unlimited subdomains such as ‘’ and ‘’.

Wildcard SAN certificates let you do the same for multiple domains

But what if, apart from ‘’ you also own two other primary domains such as ‘’ and ‘’? A Wildcard Certificate is not enough to secure these additional domains. That’s where the Wildcard SAN Certificate comes into the picture.

A single SSL SAN Wildcard certificate can help you secure multiple domains along with their respective subdomains. Most Wildcard SAN certificates will secure the main domain plus two additional domains (SANs). If you wish to secure more than three domains, you’ll need to pay a small fee for each additional domain.

The good things don’t end here. A SAN certificate with Wildcard also comes with a powerful 256-bit encryption and a 2048-bit RSA Signature Key that ensures maximum security due to which users are more confident sharing personal data with you.

Adding multiple domains and subdomains to a single certificate has never been this easy. This helps you effortlessly secure and manage all your domains and subdomains saving you loads the time and energy. What’s more? Depending upon the respective Certificate Authority, it also comes with a Dynamic or a Static Site Seal, confirming your site’s authenticity.

OV Wildcard SAN Certificates

An Organization Validated Multi-Domain SAN Wildcard Certificate is an ideal option for Small or Medium Businesses, as a certificate is issued after a through validation process which helps in increasing user trust, and confirms the legitimacy of your website and organization.

The following certificate authorities provide an OV Multi-Domain SAN Wildcard SSL certificate:

Editor’s Choice:

If you are looking for a budget-friendly yet robust option, either Comodo Unified Communications Wildcard SSL Certificate or Sectigo OV SSL Multi-Domain Wildcard is the right choice for you.

DV Wildcard SAN Certificates

A Domain Validated Multi-Domain Wildcard Certificate, on the other hand, is an ideal option for freelancers, bloggers, or even small businesses, as with a single certificate you can make sure that when a visitor lands on your webpage, he/she is sure that your website is safe.

The following certificate authorities provide a DV Multi-Domain SAN Wildcard SSL certificates:

Multi Domain Wildcard SSL – Secure Up to 250 Multiple Domains

We offer Multi Domain Wildcard SSL certificates from the most trusted SSL brands. It includes unlimited server license, re-issuance, FREE trust seal, and more.

Shop for Positive Multi-Domain Wildcard SSL at Only $148

Editor’s Choice:

If you are looking for a cheaper option which also provides a USD 10,000 warranty in case your certificate fails, choose the Positive Multi-Domain Wildcard SSL Certificate.
The choice is ultimately yours. However, if you have any questions about choosing a Wildcard SAN certificate, we are available 24×7.

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