A thorough evaluation of one of the extensively acknowledged Multi Domain Wildcard SSL Certificate

A Multi-Domain Wildcard SSL has become one of the most prevalent SSL products these days. The Multi-Domain SSL certificate integrates the essential features of Wildcard SSL certificate and Multi-Domain SSL certificate. Numerous studies performed around the world show a significant upsurge in HTTPS or SSL certificate adoption. This is down to a booming number of cyber attacks as well as online users’ growing concerns regarding the safety and privacy of their confidential information. Multi-Domain Wildcard SSL is a great option for website owners looking to equip multiple domains with SSL certificates.

What is an SSL certificate?

SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is a digital technology that facilitates a secure connection between a server and the client via encryption. Encryption is a technique by means of which any data being transmitted between a server and a client is effectively muddled and converted into an incomprehensible string of characters and numbers. This allows a user’s confidential information – such as credit card details, banking details, passwords, emails – to travel from the browser to the web server without any possibility of snooping or data-tempering. Thus, all the data shared by a user can only be seen by the client’s web server, which has the corresponding key. This eliminates the potential for cyber attacks by hackers. Today, SSL certificates have become an indispensable part of websites dealing with such sensitive data.

What is Multi-Domain Wildcard SSL Certificate?

A Wildcard SSL certificate lets you encrypt your main domain, along with an unlimited number of accompanying sub-domains. On the other hand, a Multi-Domain SSL certificate can secure a specific number of fully-qualified domains alongside your main domain. This number totally depends on the certificate authority (CA) which issues the Multi-Domain cert. Understand what are the fundamental differences between Wildcard SSL certificate and Multi-Domain SSL certificate.

As the name suggests, Multi-Domain Wildcard SSL incorporates the attributes of both. Therefore, Multi-Domain Wildcard SSL represents an exceptional option for anyone looking to secure multiple main domains as well as an unlimited number of sub-domains.

Instead of installing an individual SSL certificate for each and every domain and sub-domain, you can easily install and manage an entire pack of domains in one go—your entire web presence if you want. This not only makes the job of managing SSL certificate much easier, but it also helps you save a significant amount of money.

Multi-Domain Wildcard SSL comes at both the domain validation (DV) SSL and organization validation (OV) levels. So, whether you want to secure a small website/blog or a big website, Multi-Domain SSL is an excellent choice.

Which Certificate Authorities offer Multi-Domain Wildcard SSL?

The following certificate authorities (CA’s) provide Multi-Domain Wildcard SSL certificates: Comodo, Symantec, GeoTrust, and Thawte.

Here, only Comodo provides Multi-Domain Wildcard SSL certificates with both domain validation (DV) and organization validation (OV) SSL certificates. Other Multi-Domain Wildcard SSL’s offered by rest of the certificate authorities (CA’s) come with only with the OV option.

Purchase Multi-Domain Wildcard SSL

Multi-Domain Wildcard SSL Certificate Price comparison

Product NameComodo PositiveSSL Multi-Domain Wildcard SSLComodo Multi-Domain Wildcard SSL Certificate
Price for 1 year$189.00$319.00
Price for 2 years$169.00/yr$279.00/yr
Price for 3 years$157.50/yr$265.83/yr
Price for 4 years$153.56/yr$259.19/yr
Price for 5 years$148.18/yr$250.10/yr
Multiple year optionsYesYes
Domains securedSecure up to 250 Multiple Domains & Unlimited Sub-domainsSecure up to 250 Multiple Domains & Unlimited Sub-domains
Validation requiredDomain ValidationOrganization/Business Validation
Issuance speedWithin minutes1-3 Days
Notification level in browsersHTTPS + Domain information in SSLHTTPS + Organization name in SSL Information
SAN SupportAllows to add 249 SAN DomainsAllows to add 249 SAN Domains
Wildcard Certificate OptionYesYes
Encryption strength256-bit with 2048-bit Signature256-bit with 2048-bit Signature
Signature Length2048-bit2048-bit
Browser compatibility99%99%
Site Seal includesComodo Site SealComodo Site Seal
Supports Microsoft Office Communication ServerYesYes
Supports Microsoft Exchange ServerYesYes
ReissueUnlimited – Till Certificate LifespanUnlimited – Till Certificate Lifespan
Server licenseUnlimitedUnlimited
Support optionsYesYes
Refund policy15 Days15 Days
Buy TodayShop for Positive Multi Domain WildcardShop for Comodo Multi Domain Wildcard

Features of Multi-Domain Wildcard SSL Certificate

A Multi-Domain Wildcard SSL certificate serves the customers on many fronts. Whether it be a commanding 256-bit encryption or a $1.5 Million warranty, a Multi-Domain Wildcard has got it all.

Vigorous 256-bit Encryption Strength

As stated above, SSL certificates use encryption methodology to protect all communication, including sensitive and delicate information. This encryption is executed by means of a 256-bit key. Here 256-bit means that any data sent from the client’s browser will be scrambled into a 256-character long key. As a result, it becomes a nightmare for an attacker looking to steal or tamper the data as there are 2256 different possibilities. It would take trillions of trillions of trillions of years using a hundred thousand supercomputers even if they try a million billion keys every second. Seeing these huge (to say the least!) numbers, one doesn’t need to worry about any potential security breaches.

Peace of Mind

The Multi-Domain Wildcard SSL come with a mammoth warranty up to $1.5 M. Apart from this, one is aided with a 15-day money back guarantee.

Fast & Easy Validation

As you already know, the Multi-Domain Wildcard SSL is available in two options, DV and OV. In the case of domain validation (DV) SSL certificates, you only need to prove domain ownership to the certificate authority (CA). This process can be completed within a few minutes.

As far as organization validation (OV) is concerned, the vetting procedure consists of domain authentication along with basic business validation. The CA validates if the organization/business is a legitimate entity or not. This is a smooth process that takes 1-3 days.

Browser Compatibility

When a user visits a site, all the communication that takes place occurs between the client’s browser and the web server of the website. Therefore, it is unquestionably critical for the browser to be able to recognize the SSL certificate. All of the Multi-Domain Wildcard SSL certificates available on our site come with 99.9+% browser compatibility. This includes mobile phone browsers as well as desktop browsers. Our long list of compatible browsers includes all the leading browsers including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Microsoft Edge, Safari etc.

One Last Note on Multi-Domain Wildcard SSL Certificates

One more thing to note here is that Symantec’s Multi-Domain Wildcard SSL certificates are equipped with the latest revolutionary encryption technology, Elliptical Curve Cryptography(ECC). They also come bundled with a powerful bundle of security tools such as Symantec’s vulnerability assessment tool, daily malware scanner and seal-in-search with Symantec’s Multi-Domain Wildcard products.

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