Best SSL Certificates for WordPress From a Globally Trusted CA

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Here’s Some of the Best SSL Certificates to Secure Your WordPress Website with an HTTPS Connection

Unless you want to face the dreaded not secure warning, you better have an SSL certificate installed on your site. There is a reason why many of the top browsers highly encourage securing your site with HTTPS.  They work!

Likewise, WordPress has witnessed a massive migration of HTTP to HTTPS. If you haven’t encrypted your website with a secure HTTPS connection or if you’ve just got a new website and wondering which is the best SSL certificate for your WordPress site, then keep on reading.

best ssl certificates for wordpress

Budget-Friendly Best SSL Certificates for WordPress from Respected CAs

WordPress is among the most flexible CMS platforms – it can be used for a small-sized blog to a big e-commerce website. Therefore, one single type of SSL/TLS certificate isn’t the right one for every type of website. You’ll need to go with a different type of SSL certificate-based upon your site type.

It’s best to go with a globally known SSL/TLS certificate authority that offers high-end SSL certificates along with support from SSL experts. Furthermore, not all SSL/TLS certificate providers are costly, and many come with reasonable pricing.

Furthermore, to make your job easier, we’ve categorized SSL certificates based upon your type of website. For instance, the SSL certificate you need will be different if you’re running an e-commerce shop from the one that’s needed for a small blog.

Best SSL Certificate for WordPress Portfolios, Small Businesses & Blogs

For a blogging website, small business, or an online portfolio, some of the best SSL certificates that we recommend are:


Those running basic WordPress websites for a simple blog, Sectigo PositiveSSL is the best choice for you. It’s among the cheapest SSL products on the market that comes with all the perks offered by any other commercial SSL/TLS certificate. It secures one domain, provides a static secure site seal for boosting the user’s trust and confidence, and a warranty amount for up to $10,000 if any damage occurs. Also, it’s a DV (Domain Validation) SSL/TLS certificate so it can get issued within five minutes without any hassles.


Comodo EssentialSSL is another budget-oriented DV (Domain Validation) SSL/TLS certificate for small WordPress websites like an online portfolio or small business site. Comodo provides top-quality encryption standards, unlimited server licensing, and other extra features exclusive for paid SSL/TLS certificates.

For example:

  • Static site seal for your web pages.
  • Warranty against damages.
  • Quick turnaround from dedicated SSL support team for any issue.

Best SSL for WordPress Domain & Their Multiple Sub-Domains

Sometimes WordPress websites use one or more sub-domains for structuring content for a better user experience. Likewise, you can’t secure your sub-domains with a standard SSL/TLS certificate. So, you need to go with a Wildcard SSL certificate. Some options can be found below:

PositiveSSL Wildcard

PositiveSSL Wildcard is a DV (Domain Validation) SSL certificate that provides a secure HTTPS connection for one main domain and unlimited subdomains. It offers a static site seal, a $10,000 SSL warranty amount for any misfortune like data leaks and browser compatibility of around 99.9%. Likewise, it’s one of the best WordPress SSL certificates for securing multiple sub-domains, such as:


Essential Wildcard SSL

Essential Wildcard SSL is another domain validation (DV) Wildcard SSL certificate that’s a good choice for securing WordPress domain and sub-domains if you’re running a non-e-commerce website that includes multiple sub-domains.

The features and benefits offered by Essential SSL Wildcard are robust 128/256-bit encryption strength, secure site seal, $10,000 warranty, compatibility with more than 90% web and mobile browsers, and 2048-bit signature key.

Best WordPress SSL Certificate for Multiple Domains

If you’re handling more than one WordPress website, you might be thinking that you have to purchase multiple SSL certificates, which may even cost you more.

Instead, you can go for a special SSL certificate that’s offered for someone who owns more than one website. It’s called a multi-domain SSL certificate. Simply purchase one Multi-Domain SSL certificate, and you’ll be able to protect more than one website using that single Multi-Domain SSL certificate.

Positive SSL Multi-Domain

If you’ve got multiple WordPress websites and don’t deal with any critical data such as a user’s financial information, then Comodo Positive SSL Multi-Domain is a good choice. It’s an affordable SSL certificate that will secure all the domains you have with one single certificate. Likewise, it’ll also help to save you from the cost of purchasing multiple SSL certificates.

Offered by a respected certificate authority, it comes with the latest encryption standards, a secure site seal to boost user confidence, 99.9% browser ubiquity, unlimited server licensing, and most importantly, 24×7 support from SSL experts if any issue arises. Furthermore, it’s a domain validation multi-domain SSL certificate, so it’ll get issued within five minutes after purchase.

Multi-Domain Wildcard SSL

If you own more than one WordPress website with multiple sub-domains that don’t deal with any sensitive information, you can go for the Sectigo Multi-Domain Wildcard SSL certificate. It’ll secure all your domains and their sub-domains with this single SSL certificate. It’s one of the best WordPress SSL certificates that offer versatility due to its capacity of securing multiple domains and their sub-domains.

Equipped with industry standards for encryption, this SSL Multi-Domain Wildcard certificate is a domain validation (DV) SSL certificate, which means you won’t have to go through a stringent validation process that takes up to days.

Best WordPress SSL Certificate for E-commerce Stores & Organizations

If you’re running a business and your company website deals with credit card payments, then a standard DV (Domain Validation) SSL certificate won’t work for you. You’ll want to purchase an organization validation (OV) or extended validation (EV) SSL certificate that requires stringent verification of your company before the certificate gets issued.

Furthermore, OV or EV SSL certificates come with other features such as a dynamic site seal, authenticated organization details, organization name within the URL that aren’t present in the standard SSL certificate that helps to meet PCI’s stringent guidelines (Payment Card Industry) and more.

Here are some of the best budget-oriented SSL certificates for your e-commerce store or business site that deals with financial transactions:

PositiveSSL EV

Among EV (Extended Validation) SSL certificates, Comodo PositiveSSL EV is the cheapest EV certificate on the market that offers the same benefits you’ll find in any other respected EV SSL certificate. Likewise, a PositiveSSL EV certificate is offered after the completion of a thorough verification of your business.

PositiveSSL EV comes equipped with all the latest industry encryption standards and signature key that helps to keep your data safe. Furthermore, it offers a generous warranty amount if anything goes wrong from the CA’s side. Offers 99.9% web and mobile compatibility making it accessible for all customers regardless of which browser they’re using.

OV SSL Wildcard

If you’re an organization whose website deals with sensitive data and needs to secure sub-domains, then Sectigo OV SSL Wildcard is something you should go for.

Equipped with the latest encryption standards, a massive $1,000,000 warranty, and a 15-day money-back guarantee, it’s the best SSL product for enterprise environments and companies with a bigger web infrastructure.

Here’s How to Choose the Best SSL for WordPress

It’s crucial that you go for the right SSL certificate for your WordPress website. There are many options available, making you question which is the best SSL for your WordPress site. To know which one you should opt for, let’s go through some key points you should consider before purchasing an SSL certificate.

Type of SSL/TLS Certificate

Respected SSL certificate providers offer SSL certificates with a money-back guarantee. So, if you don’t like the SSL certificate you purchased and it’s within the money-back guarantee period from the date of purchase, then you will get the refund without any question being asked.

Money-Back Guarantee

Respected SSL certificate providers offer SSL certificates with a money-back guarantee. So, if you don’t like the SSL certificate you purchased and it’s within the money-back guarantee period from the date of purchase, then you will get the refund without any question being asked.

Encryption Standards

All respected CAs offers SSL/TLS certificates equipped with latest 256-bit encryption standards accepted by popular browsers such as Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. But, it’s recommended that you check what encryption strength they’re offering.


Price is one of the major factors that should be considered when getting an SSL certificate for your WordPress site. For instance, the same SSL certificate might be provided with a different price tag on multiple sites. So, make sure you do your research on price.

Issuance Time

Depending upon which validation type you choose, the issuance time of the SSL certificate will differ. For example, a DV SSL certificate gets issued within minutes, OV SSL gets issued within 2 to 3 days, whereas an EV SSL certificate takes up to 5 days. Likewise, the issuance time of SSL certificates from different CAs can differ, too, especially for OV and EV SSL certificates. Therefore, it’s recommended that you decide which validation time is right for you.

Customer Support

If any issue arises, a support team should be capable of providing instant help. Therefore, it’s best to verify whether you can have access to a support team of SSL experts when shopping. Therefore, you know someone can help you resolve if any installation or other issue arises.

Wrapping Up

We hope that you’ve found this list of SSL certificates helpful. Remember that WordPress websites can serve many different purposes and those purposes will dictate what SSL certificate you need. From validation level to type of SSL certificate, the options range far and wide. Make sure you set your long-term plan before committing to an SSL certificate. How many sites, subdomains and types of websites will you need to secure? This will lead you to the right SSL certificate.

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