Showcase the Power of the Green Address Bar Across All Your Websites using an EV Multi-Domain SSL Certificate

“SSL?” Good. “EV SSL?” Even better. “EV Multi-Domain SSL?” Could it be any better (in Chandler Bing’s legendary voice)? That’s because EV Multi-Domain SSL represents the most powerful breed of SSL/TLS certificates. It binds in the scalability of Multi-Domain SSL and Highest Assurance Level of an EV SSL and gives you one hell of a certificate.

We don’t need to tell you what an EV SSL certificate is known for, do we? The Green Address Bar coming with an EV SSL certificate is the gold-standard of web security for today’s vigilant customers. What if you could flaunt your organization name in the green address bar on all of your domains? Sounds terrific, doesn’t it? An EV Multi-Domain SSL gives you the power to do so. No longer do you need to purchase an individual certificate for each of your domains and pay for each of them individually. All you need to do is buy an EV Multi-Domain SSL cert, that’s it!

EV Multi-Domain SSL: Saves Your Time, Money and Millions of Brain Cells

It’s no secret that the SSL process – validation and installation – can be a massive pain in the neck, especially for the first-timers. If you have multiple domains and want to deploy various SSL certificates, you’ll have to go through that pain many more times. That’s where Multi-Domain SSL certificates come in to soothe your pain. Moreover, it saves you a good chunk of money as you don’t need to purchase multiple expensive EV SSL certificates.

No more waiting to get your certificate, no more installation headaches, and no more dents in your pocket. One certificate is all you need!

If you want to go, go all the way!

Many people want to flaunt the Green Address Bar on their websites, but as an EV cert is a bit expensive, what they do is, they install EV cert on their primary domain and install DV/OV certs on other “secondary” domains.

For example, if you have a primary website that has a .com TLD (Top Level Domain) and you’ve installed an EV cert on this domain only. As far as the other websites (.net, .in,, etc.) are concerned, you install a DV cert to save you some money. Being a part of the SSL industry for quite some time, we can say that this is the wrong strategy! It does nothing but raise doubts in your customers’ minds. So, when a customer/user visits your main site and then he/she goes to the other secondary site, he/she will likely notice that the Green Address Bar is missing. Ultimately, it raises concerns in users’ minds and makes him/her question your secondary site’s legitimacy.

EV Multi-Domain SSL certificate helps you establish trust across all of your domains while saving you a significant amount of money.

How many domains can I secure?

The number of domains you can secure depends upon the certificate you want to buy. Some allow a hundred while some touch the 250-mark. Here’s the list of all EV Multi-Domain certificates, default domains coming with it, and additional domains (SAN) you can add.

FeaturesComodo PositiveSSL EV Multi DomainComodo EV Multi Domain SSLThawte SSL Web Server EVGeoTrust True BusinessID EV Multi Domain SSL
Price for 1 year$163.50$259.99172.39$275.31
Price for 2 years$143.07/Year$227.49/Year$163.77/Year$261.55/Year
Price for 3 years$136.25/Year$216.66/Year$160.90/Year$256.96/Year
Price for 4 years$132.85/Year$211.24/YearN/AN/A
Price for 5 years$128.18/Year$203.83/YearN/AN/A
Multiple years optionsYesYesYesYes
Domains securedWWW & non-WWW Multiple Domains (Up to 250)WWW & non-WWW Multiple Domains (Up to 250)WWW & non-WWW Multiple Domains (Up to 25)WWW & non-WWW Multiple Domains (Up to 250)
Issuance speed1-5 DaysComodo1-5 DaysThawte1-5 DaysGeoTrust1-5 Days
Validation requiredExtensive Business and Domain ValidationExtensive Business and Domain ValidationExtensive Business and Domain ValidationExtensive Business and Domain Validation
Notification level in browsersGreen Address Bar + Organization NameGreen Address Bar + Organization NameGreen Address Bar + Organization NameGreen Address Bar + Organization Name
Encryption strengthComodoUp to 256-bitComodoUp to 256-bitThawteUp to 256-bitGeoTrustUp to 256-bit
Browser compatibilityComodo99%Comodo99%Thawte99%GeoTrust99%
Includes site sealComodo
Comodo Site Seal
Comodo Site Seal
Thawte Site Seal
GeoTrust Site Seal
Daily malware scanningComodoNoComodoNoThawteNoGeoTrustNo
Free vulnerability assessmentNoNoNoNo
ReissueUnlimited – Till Certificate Life spanUnlimited – Till Certificate Life spanUnlimited – Till Certificate Life spanUnlimited – Till Certificate Life span
Server licenseUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Support optionsYesYesYesYes
Green address barYesYesYesYes
Refund policy15 Days15 Days15 Days15 Days
Buy NowBuy NowBuy NowBuy Now

Final Words

An EV Multi Domain SSL certificate functionality is like a cherry on the cake that already has icing. And who doesn’t like cherries?

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