PositiveSSL vs Lets Encrypt SSL- knowing the best SSL product

In recent months, anxiety over website security has reached a fever pitch, so much so that Google has advanced its intention to enforce HTTPS on all websites. It does so by displaying the “Not Secure” message next to the website’s URL when as the website is still being served via HTTP, potentially dissuading users from taking actions on the page.

As a result of this, webmasters must install SSL certificates to secure their websites, both to protect their websites from threats and to get rid of that pesky “Not Secure” message. However, most users don’t have a strong enough idea regarding how to go about getting an SSL certificate or which one to choose.

However, two of the most popular SSL certificates available on the market are Comodo and Let’s Encrypt. In this article, we’ll give you a detailed overview of Comodo vs. Let’s Encrypt SSL.

Comodo Positive SSL

comodo sslComodo is a commercial Certificate Authority. A Comodo Positive SSL Certificate is a great entry-level solution for users who want to secure a Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN). As such, it can secure both domain versions www.domain.com and domain.com. The certificate is usually issued within a few minutes and it enables a green padlock over the address bar to enhance the trustworthiness of your webpage.

Features & Advantages Of Comodo Positive SSL Certificate

  • 2048-bit RSA Signature Key.
  • Quick auto-validation process. It’s the fastest in the industry and requires no paperwork.
  • Facilitates Encryption up to 256-bit.
  • HTTPS connection and removes the “Not Secure” warning.
  • EV Green Bar SSL Certificate option available.
  • Comes with a Free Comodo Trust Seal and a $10,000 Warranty.
  • Compatible with all browsers.
  • Unlimited server licenses.
  • Validity available for up to 5 years.
  • 30-Day refund policy.
  • Great customer support. You can call an SSL specialist or contact them via live chat 24/7 for any troubleshooting reasons.


There’s only one drawback of using Comodo Positive SSL vs. Let’s Encrypt SSL — cost. Comodo Positive SSL is an extremely cheap option, but you still have to make a small payment. However, this payment isn’t really for the Certificate itself but for access to the 24/7 support.

If you choose to get a Comodo Positive SSL, it’s worth figuring out whether you need an Comodo Positive SSL Wildcard or an Essential SSL Wildcard.


Let’s Encrypt SSL

lets encrypt iconLet’s Encrypt is a free Certificate Authority that sustains itself because of the generosity of its corporate and private patrons. This is an extremely bare-bones solution. As such, you can get your website certified and get rid of the “Not Secure” warning, but you don’t have access to support or warranty.

Features & Advantages of Let’s Encrypt SSL

  • 2048-bit RSA Signature key.
  • Validation of the registered domain.
  • Facilitates Encryption up to 256-bit.
  • HTTPS connection and removes the “Not Secure” warning.
  • Completely free.
  • The connection between the site visitor and site server is completely secure.


  • Incompatible with platforms like Blackberry, Nintendo 3Ds, and various other platforms. However, it’s compatible with all major sources of traffic.
  • Only valid for 90 days at a time, and it’s recommended to renew them periodically every 60 days.
  • No EV option.
  • No warranty for misuse.
  • No customer support. If you need help, you’ll need to go sifting through old forum posts and make sense of conflicting information.


Comodo Positive SSL vs. Let’s Encrypt SSL

Comparison Comodo PositiveSSL Certificate Let’s Encrypt SSL
Site Seal Comodo Secure site seal available. No site seal.
EV Option EV SSL Certificate Option Available EV green bar SSL certificate not available.
Validity Certificate validity of over 2 years. Certificate validity of only 90 days at a time.
Support 24/7 phone or live chat customer support. No customer support.
Compatibility Compatible with all platforms. Not compatible with certain platforms.
Warranty Warranty of $10,000. No warranty.
Price Price starts from $5.45/yr. Free.
Buy Comodo PositiveSSL at $5.45/Yr


Which one should you Choose?

When you compare Comodo Positive SSL vs. Let’s Encrypt SSL, Comodo comes ahead on all factors except cost. The only area in which Let’s Encrypt comes up ahead is that it’s completely free. However, the cost of a Comodo Positive SSL certificate is negligible and it offers a number of benefits including warranty and customer support that can prove to be useful down the line.

However, the final decision is yours. We hope this Comodo vs. Let’s Encrypt SSL article helps you make the right call for your website.

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