What the Comodo Secure Seal is and How to Get It

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Decrease shopping cart abandonment and increase trust with a Comodo website security seal

E-Commerce businesses are facing an up-hill battle when it comes to building consumer trust. After all, news headlines highlight the world’s growing cyber security concerns on a daily basis. They blast about data breaches, stolen customer data, and leaked payment information.

Thankfully, there is something you can do to help increase consumer trust: You can use a site seal or secure seal on your website such as Comodo Secure Seal. This website security seal is proof to the world that your business is not only legitimate but secure as well.

What is a Comodo Secure Seal?

A site seal is literally that — it’s a seal graphic that you post on your website. Why’s it important? This visual indicator communicates that your website is secure and safe for them to use. They don’t have to worry about their information being transmitted across unsecure, non-encrypted channels.

There are two types of Comodo secure seals for your website: static and dynamic. A static site seal is a graphic or image file that you display. A dynamic site seal, on the other hand, is one that users can click to display your organization’s verified information.

Benefits of Using a Comodo Secure Seal on Your Site

As you can guess, a Comodo Secure Seal is a great way to show site visitors and customers that you value their security. A website security seal demonstrates that you’re committed to securing their personal and financial information. Some of the benefits of using a site seal include:

  • An increase in user trust
  • A decrease in shopping cart abandonment
  • An improvement in website conversion rate
  • A positive brand reputation
  • Another way to differentiate your website from competitors

How to Get a Comodo SSL Seal for Your Website

A Comodo Secure Seal is sometimes referred to as a Comodo SSL seal. This is because there are two main ways that you can obtain a Comodo Secure Seal for your website — one of which involves an SSL certificate:

  1. You can purchase a Comodo secure website seal for your website by purchasing it outright from a trusted certificate authority (CA) or reseller.
  2. You can purchase a Comodo SSL certificate for your website and get the website security seal for free.

The latter is what happens when you purchase a Comodo SSL certificate from CheapSSLSecurity.com. You never have to purchase your Comodo Site Seal separately when you buy your Comodo SSL certificate from us. No matter whether you purchase a domain validation (DV), organization validation (OV), or extended validation (EV) certificate, you’ll receive a complimentary website security seal with it.

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Once you’ve purchased your Comodo SSL site seal, you’ll need to install it on your site. Here’s how you do it:

How to Install a Comodo Site Seal

  1. Locate the code for your site seal. For a static site seal, you can get the site seal here:Graphic: Comodo Secure Seal
  2. Decide where you want to display the Comodo Secure Seal on your website (see below).
  3. Insert the website security seal’s code into your existing page’s HTML file.
  4. Save the HTML file and upload it to your website server.

Where Should I Display My Comodo Site Seal?

The three best places to display the Comodo Secure Site seal is on the following areas of your website:

  • Home page,
  • Checkout page, and
  • Website footer.

Whether you choose to purchase a Comodo secure seal outright or want to get one for free when you purchase your SSL certificate for your website, CheapSSLSecurity.com is here to help.