Symantec’s line of SSL offerings strong security, brand recognition and additional value

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Face it, on today’s internet you need encryption.

What was once considered to only be necessary for e-commerce businesses and sites that collected personal information is now going to be required for every denizen of the worldwide web.

And while this proliferation of encryption is going to be a great step towards a more secure internet, it raises the stakes even more for those that use the web for business. In a world where every site is encrypted, the emphasis will fall more towards the authentication that SSL can offer. Companies and organizations will need to set themselves apart from their competitors while also finding comprehensive security solutions that can help boost their bottom line.

Symantec delivers on all fronts.

Symantec Stands Apart

Want to align your brand with the biggest, most well-respected companies in the world? Symantec can help with that. Symantec is the most trusted brand in web security and it secures some of the most impressive organizations across the globe.

When you choose a Symantec SSL Certificate (Now DigiCert) you’re getting more than just great business security. You’re gaining the ability to leverage the reputation of a trusted third party security firm to boost your own business.

For starters, the authentication Symantec provides is unparalleled. No company is more universally trusted on the internet than Symantec and now, via their validation process, they’re essentially vouching for you. Symantec is telling the rest of the web, “hey, you can trust this company—it’s safe to do business with them.”

This is accomplished through both the visual indicators that come with SSL—especially if you select to activate the green address bar via extended validation. But more so through the unmistakable, Norton Secured Seal which you can place on your website. The Norton Secured Seal – according to years and years of research – is one of the most universally trusted symbols on the internet and can help to both inspire additional customer trust and drive sales.

Going with a Symantec SSL Certificate says to your customers that you’re a serious company, one that has invested in their security and one that is comparable to the top brands in the world.

Symantec Offers Comprehensive Solutions

Symantec earned its reputation by being the best, as in, offering the best value in terms of its security products. Symantec SSL Certificates offer top-of-the-line encryption and also come bundled with additional premium security features to help make your web presence even more safe.

For starters, Symantec is one of the few CAs that has harnessed the power of Elliptic Curve Cryptography (or ECC) and offers it with some of its Certificates. ECC is a faster, stronger, more advanced way to handle several of the functions of an SSL Certificate, including signature hashing and encryption itself. An ECC signature key is smaller, yet stronger than its RSA or DSA counterparts. And ECC, being less cumbersome, also improves server performance—making your site faster and your customer experience better.

Beyond that, Symantec SSL Certificates come bundled with other premium features like Anti-Malware Scanning and Vulnerability Assessments. These are extremely valuable tools that you could be paying top dollar for on their own, but they’re yours free just for purchasing a Symantec SSL Certificate. Think about it, not only will you be encrypting all communication on your site, but now you’re also capable of securing any vulnerabilities that your site may have, as well as keeping your web presence malware-free.

That’s what we mean when we say “comprehensive security.”

And that’s not all, Symantec protects all of its products with industry-leading NetSure protection plans that offer massive warranties in the event the CA makes any mistakes. Toss in Seal-in-Search, a feature that allows you to place the Norton Secured Seal next to your listing in search results – a practice that is proven to increase click-throughs and drive more traffic to your site – and you’ve got the sort of value that is unmatched anywhere in the industry.

You Just Can’t Beat Symantec

As we said, there’s a reason Symantec enjoys the reputation that it does. It has the confidence to stand by its product in a way (and at a warrantied dollar amount) that few other companies can. It adds values to all of its products by packaging them with other premium offerings to create a more comprehensive security solution for its customers. And its brand power actually has the ability to boost your business’ performance.

No other CA can say that.

So if you’re looking for the best value when it comes to your business security needs, then look no further. Symantec is the best for a reason.

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