Plesk Panel

Plesk Panel is a web hosting control panel that allows server administrators to set up new websites, e-mail accounts, re-seller accounts etc, through web-based interface. Plesk can be used for Windows as well as Linux. It is generally used as a commercial web hosting automation program and utilizes an SSL-enabled web based GUI, which is incorporated with frames.

Quick Steps to Install SSL certificate on Plesk

Step 1 : Download and Extract Certificate

(1) If you have purchased an SSL certificate from CheapSSLSecurity, you will receive an email from us that includes a *.Zip. This file contains your Primary, Intermediate and Root certificates.

(2) Download that file and extract all data on your Plesk server directory where your wish to store all your certificates.

Step 2: Install SSL Certificate.

(1) First of all ‘Login’ in to your Plesk Server Administrator.

(2) Now click on ‘Domain’ and select the domain for which you want to install the certificate.

(3) Click on ‘Certificate’, Here you will find two sections

(4) First: ‘Upload certificate files’; press the ‘Browse’ button and find the location of your primary certificate (for example YourDomainName.CRT) which you recently extracted on your Plesk Server Directory. Now select this Primary certificate and click on ‘Send File’ button. This function will install you primary certificate with its correlated private key.

(5) Second: ‘Upload certificate as text’; open Intermediate and Root certificate files in any text editor, copy all encrypted data including BEGIN CERTIFICATE —– TO —— END CERTIFICATE and paste it in the CA certificate text box one by one and press ‘Send Text’ button.

Note: In CA certificate Text Box the Text format will be as follows:

--------BEGIN CERTIFICATE---------
Intermediate certificate’s Encrypted Data
--------END CERTIFICATE----------
--------BEGIN CERTIFICATE---------
Root certificate’s Encrypted Data
--------END CERTIFICATE----------

(6) Click on ‘Domains’ and get back to domain’s administration screen. Now select the ‘Domain Name’ for which you want to install SSL certificate and then press ‘Setup’ in the ‘Hosting’ group.

(7) Now from the certificate dropdown list select the SSL certificate that you wish to install on your Plesk Server.

(8) Select the SSL Support check box and press OK.

(9) Stop your server and start it again to activate the SSL Certificate. (Don’t restart your server directly or else you will have to redo the process right from the start.)

Note: In certificate drop-down box if there are no SSL certificates listed, it means that you are using a shared hosting account, and to install SSL certificate you must need a dedicated non-shared IP address. So upgrade your hosting package with non-shared IP and follow the above procedure to install SSL.

This SSL installation process is common for all versions of like Plesk Server Administrator 6, 7, 8, and 9.

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