Compare Cheap AlphaSSL and Comodo PositiveSSL to Discover The Cheapest Option

AlphaSSL is widely considered to be one of the cheapest SSL certificates on the market. But is that really true?

Upon inspection and comparing the cost and offerings of all the major SSL certificates on the market, we found that claim to not be entirely true. Comodo PositiveSSL, we find, is a pretty strong competition to AlphaSSL in terms of cost.

In this article, we’ll give you an overview of both AlphaSSL and Comodo PositiveSSL so you can determine which one is really inexpensive.

Comparison — AlphaSSL vs Comodo PositiveSSL

Product Name AlphaSSL Comodo PositiveSSL
Certificate Authority AlphaSSL Comodo
Domains Secured Single Domain Single Domain
Root Domain Support www + non-www www + non-www
Validation Level Domain Domain
Time to Receive 5 minutes 3 minutes
SSL Encryption 256-bit 256-bit
CSR Key Encryption 2048-bit 2048-bit
Server Licenses Unlimited Unlimited
SSL Site Seal Included Included
Reissue Yes Yes
Warranty US $10,000 US $10,000
Refund Within 7 days Within 30 days
Green Address Bar No No
Wildcard Support No Yes [PositiveSSL Wildard]
UCC Support No No
Browser Support 99%+ 99%+
COST $17.50/yr $5.45/yr
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Comodo Positive SSL Review

Comodo PositiveSSL is one of the most reliable SSL certificates on the market because it’s issued by the world’s leading certificate authority — Comodo. This is a simple Domain Validation Certificate so you can only secure a single domain with it, both www and non-www variants.

It’s equipped with industry-leading 256-bit SSL encryption and 2048-bit CSR encryption. They also have one of the strongest refund policies on the market — you can get a complete refund if you cancel your certificate within 30 days.

Most importantly, at only $5.45/yr, Comodo PositiveSSL is clearly much cheaper than Al-phaSSL.

AlphaSSL Review

AlphaSSL is another promising SSL certificate. However, it has pretty much the same features as Comodo PositiveSSL with two prime differences — its reception time is slightly longer than Comodo PositiveSSL (though that difference is too negligible to really matter), and it has a return policy of only 7 days whereas Comodo PositiveSSL gives users 30 days.

In terms of cost, at $17.50/yr, AlphaSSL is over twice as expensive as its Comodo counterpart.

Verdict— Which One is Really Inexpensive?

I think it’s pretty clear which DV SSL certificate is REALLY inexpensive — Comodo PositiveSSL. Hands down!

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