Which Wildcard certificate is better? It’s Comodo Wildcard SSL vs. GoDaddy Wildcard SSL.

Recently, we’ve been getting a lot of Comodo vs. GoDaddy SSL Certificate type questions. Both Comodo Wildcard SSL and GoDaddy Wildcard SSL are two of the best SSL certificates on the market. As such, users have been wondering which one of these services to choose.

In this article, we’ll give you a detailed Comodo SSL review and a GoDaddy SSL review so you can make an informed decision.

Comodo is the world’s oldest and most renowned SSL Certificate Authority, having been founded in 1998. Comodo is known to offer the widest range of options for the lowest costs imaginable, complete with great customer service. As such, they have certificate options that can be used by large organizations and individual internet users.

Comodo Wildcard SSL – Secure Unlimited Subdomains at Only $52.95

When it comes to the Comodo Wildcard SSL, you have two options — Comodo PositiveSSL Wildcard and Comodo Positive Multi-Domain Wildcard SSL. The former amongst these can be used to secure multiple subdomains within a single domain and the latter can secure multiple domains and subdomains.

Purchase a Comodo Wildcard SSL at $52.95

Purchase a Comodo Positive Multi-Domain Wildcard at $148


  • Comodo Wildcard certificates are the cheapest on the market. Even after the introduction of several other wildcard SSL certificates, they still stand as the cheapest and most reliable.
  • As mentioned previously, with over 20 products, they offer a wide range of choices for the users. Individual website owners might prefer a PositiveSSL, large organizations might prefer an EnterpriseSSL or InstantSSL. The choice is all yours.
  • Access to 24/7 expert technical support in case you have any concerns.


Comodo isn’t a hosting provider. As such, it’s necessary for you to purchase an SSL certificate separately and then connect it to your website, a process that the support team can help you with.

If you’re choosing Comodo, it might be worth your time to compare the PositiveSSL Wildcard vs. the EssentialSSL Wildcard Certificate.

GoDaddy Wildcard SSL

godaddy iconGoDaddy is both a certificate authority and a hosting company. They’re a relatively new certificate authority, however, they have an impressive suite of features and they can integrate their SSL certificate to your website directly.


You can get hosting for your website and an SSL certificate for its security from the same portal. As such, it’s perfectly streamlined and saves time and effort.


  • GoDaddy is considerably more expensive than Comodo Wildcard SSL.
  • GoDaddy only offers a choice between three SSL certificates, which might not adequately meet the specific needs of different users.
  • GoDaddy is primarily a hosting provider, not an SSL provider. As such, even though they have a customer support team in place, they’re not as efficient as the Comodo team.

Comodo wildcard SSL Vs. GoDaddy Wildcard SSL

ComparisonComodo PositiveSSL Wildcard CertificateComodo Multi-Domain Wildcard SSL CertificateGoDaddy Wildcard SSL Certificate
Product Technical FeaturesComodo Site sealComodo Site sealgodaddy icon
SSL-Type2048-Bit Standard SSL2048-Bit Standard SSL2048-Bit Standard SSL
Encryption Length256-Bit256-Bit256-Bit
Domain SecuritySecurity for unlimited sub-domainsSecurity for 250 domains & their unlimited sub-domainsSecurity for unlimited sub-domains
Issuance TimeInstant within minutesInstant within minutes2-3 Days
Display IndicatorHTTPS with Padlock in URLHTTPS with Padlock in URLHTTPS with Padlock in URL
Validation TypeDomain ValidatedDomain ValidatedOrganization Validated
Documents RequiredFile/Email Based ValidationFile/Email Based ValidationFile/Email Based Validation
OS CompatibilityLatest versions of Windows, Apple MAC, Linux, etc…Latest versions of Windows, Apple MAC, Linux, etc…Latest versions of Windows, Apple MAC, Linux, etc…
Browser Compatibility99.9% Web and Mobile99.9% Web and Mobile99.9% Web and Mobile
Mobile OS SupportAndroid, iOS, Windows Mobile, Blackberry OS, Etc…Android, iOS, Windows Mobile, Blackberry OS, Etc…Android, iOS, Windows Mobile, Blackberry OS, Etc…
Server licenseUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
SSL ReissuanceAnytime till the SSL ExpirationAnytime till the SSL ExpirationAnytime till the SSL Expiration
Site Seal TypeStatic Site SealStatic Site SealStatic Site Seal
Site Sealcomodo logocomodo logogodaddy-ssl
Refund Policy15 Days15 Days30 Days
Highly RecommendedSmall/Medium level domains (Non-E-commerce)Small/Medium level domains (Non-Ecommerce)Small/Medium level domains (Non-E-commerce)
Discount Rate76%62%10%
1 Year$67.95$189.00$359.99
2 Year$57.95$169.00$359.99
3 Year$56.95$157.50N/A
4 Year$54.95$153.56N/A
5 Year$52.95$148.18N/A

Which one should you Choose?

Comodo Wildcard SSL has several advantages over GoDaddy. And Comodo is widely considered to be the world’s leading certificate authority. However, if you want to get your SSL certificate and your hosting from the same provider, GoDaddy will be the best option. In all other regards — customer support, pricing, versatility — Comodo Wildcard SSL reigns supreme.

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