Comodo Positive SSL vs. Essential SSL

PositiveSSL Vs EssentialSSL – The truth about two of the more popular SSL certificates

There are a lot of people that don’t know enough about SSL certificates to spot the difference between a good value and a cynical attempt to cash in on your ignorance of the product. That’s why … Read More

Redirect HTTP to HTTPS in IIS Microsoft 7X & higher

Step-by-step instructions for redirecting HTTP traffic to HTTPS on Microsoft IIS 7X+

Redirection HTTP to HTTPS is a necessary part of installing an SSL certificate. The SSL certificate is like a driver’s license. It can provide authenticating information about the entity that holds it, and it also allows certain permissions. … Read More

TLS 1.3: Everything You Need to Know

TLS 1.3 is here, and we’re in safe hands

TLS 1.3, the latest and unsurprisingly the most advanced cryptographic protocol till date, has finally been approved by the IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force). Soon, TLS 1.3 will be adopted by all leading browsers and will soon become a reality … Read More

3 Ways to Bolster Your SSL/TLS Security

SSL is great. But you can make it greater.

There is no doubt regarding the fact that SSL/TLS certificates are the foundation of today’s web security. Whether you have a blog with a few thousand followers or are in command of a multi-million-dollar website, you must protect your website with … Read More