What is SHA2 and What Are SHA 2 SSL Certificates?

SHA2 is now officially available, but it’s also official – SHA-1 Certificates are no longer issued.

So, if you purchase any certificate from Comodo, DigiCert, Thawte, or any other Certificate Authority, expect it to come with SHA-2, and not SHA-1.
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What Is A Certificate Authority (CA)?

An SSL Certificate Authority (CA) is an entity that is trusted to sign, issue, distribute and revoke digital certificates.

The majority of digital certificates serve two main functions:

  1. 1. It verifies the identity of the applicant. With digital certificates, you can be ensured the entities (websites, companies, individuals, etc.) with
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Understand Private Key and Public Key with an Example

Private Key and Public Key – Two different encryption styles combine during SSL/TLS.

Private Key and Public Key form the encryption that’s used to encode information in an SSL certificate. As such, they help encrypt and protect users’ data and information.

These keys are created using RSA, DSA, ECC (Elliptic … Read More