Webmin is the most useful web interface for Unix system administrators, It allows the admin to securely set up User Accounts, DNS, Apache and file sharing.

Webmin SSL Installation

Steps to Install SSL Certificate on Webmin

Step 1: Download and Extract SSL Certificate

Your certificate authority will send you the SSL certificate via email in a *.zip file. You’ll want to open your email, download that Zip file and extract it on your Webmin server where you would like to put all your certificate files.

Step 2: Replace miniserv.pem file

Find the ‘mineserv.pem’ file at /etc/Webmin location, now the ‘mineserv.pem’ file will be replaced by combing both the of private key and primary certificate.
There are 2 ways to create a new miniserv.pem file

(1) Use the following piece of code to create the new mineserv.pem file

cat private.keyyourdomain.crt > new-miniserv.pem

(2) Open the private.key file and yourdomain.crt file using any text editor. Now copy the content of private.key file and paste it into a new file, you’ll also want to do the same for the content of yourdomain.crt file and paste it in the same new file. Save that new file as new-miniserv.pem.

The new miniserv.pem file will look similar as

miniserv.pem file

Step 3: Configure miniserv.conf file

Open your miniserv.conf file using any text editor of your choice, you’ll need to enter the location of the new intermediate certificate.


The location may vary based on the version of Webmin.

Restart your Webmin server and open your website in a web browser.

You SSL Certificate is now installed on Webmin. Check your SSL Certificate Installation here.

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