How to Boost your E-Commerce Conversion Rate Using EV SSL Certificates

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EV SSL / Extended Validation Certificates are a proven way to boost conversions on your e-commerce website.

Are you looking for a way to boost conversions on your e-commerce website?

Everyone is selling something online these days, but how do you differentiate yourself from the rest of the competition? What’s the easiest way to drive extra sales?

The answer is simple: invest in an Extended Validation SSL Certificate.

Extended Validation SSL is the golden standard for encryption when it comes to e-commerce websites and other websites handling users’ personal information. While other SSL certificates can offer industry-standard encryption to protect connections between browsers and web servers, EV SSL goes above and beyond by fully authenticating the identity of a website and clearly displaying that information in a green web address bar across the top of the browser.

EV SSL is proven to increase users’ trust and improve conversions..

Boost Up E-Commerce Conversion Rate Using EV SSL Certificates

EV Requirements

EV SSL technology authenticates a website and tells visitors that the website is trustworthy. This is done via a fairly rigorous validation process—hence the name Extended Validation SSL Certificate. In order to obtain an EV SSL cert, a company has to furnish information about itself. The EV Document Requirements include:

  • Organization Authentication
  • Operational Existence
  • Physical Address
  • Telephone Verification
  • Domain Authentication

It may seem like a lot but really it’s fairly standard if your company is a legitimate legal entity with all of its registration information up to date. Keep in mind, the Certificate Authority is doing this for your own good. By authenticating you, they’re giving you the tools to proclaim loudly to the rest of the Internet, “trust us, we are legitimate!”

And as you well know, in e-commerce that trust is tantamount to success.

The Benefits of EV SSL

The benefits to having an Extended Validation SSL Certificate are undeniable. Aside from the obvious perks of having industry-standard encryption protecting your website, consider this, according to a study performed by Tec-Ed:

  • 100% of the study’s participants notice whether or not a site shows the green EV bar
  • 97% of the study’s participants are likely to share their credit card information on sites with the green address bar, compared to just 63% with non-EV sites
  • 93% of the study’s participants prefer to do their shopping on sites that show the green bar
  • 77% of the study’s participants would hesitate to shop at a site that previously showed the green EV bar and no longer does so

And then there’s the data about how EV SSL can, and has, actually improved conversion rates for sites that employ it. For instance, Fitness Footware, the largest independent footwear retailer in the UK saw its conversions increase by 16.9% after making the move to EV SSL. Likewise, the company iStyles saw a 28% jump.

That’s a massive difference.

Multi-Domain EV SSL

Need to secure multiple websites? There’s a multi-domain EV option. This will allow you the same level of security and authentication as you’d get with a Single Domain EV SSL certificate, but across multiple domains. Simply enter your Main Domain and then as many SAN’s as you need and voila! You can protect and authenticate an entire network!

This works for both Fully Qualified Domain Names and Sub-Domains, making Multi-Domain EV SSL certificates one of the most comprehensive options on the market today.

Industry Top Multi Domain EV SSL Certificates

comodo comodo Thawte geotrust
Features ComodoComodo PositiveSSL EV Multi-Domain ComodoComodo EV Multi-Domain SSL Certificate ThawteThawte Web Server EV SSL Certificate GeotrustGeoTrust True BusinessID EV Multi Domain SSL
Price for 1 year Comodo$163.50 Comodo$259.99 Thawte$149.00 Geotrust$236.99
Price for 2 years Comodo$143.07 Comodo$227.49 Thawte$130.00/yr Geotrust$207.37/yr
Price for 3 years Comodo$136.25/yr Comodo$216.66 Thawte$124.17/yr Geotrust$197.49/yr
Price for 4 years Comodo$132.85/yr Comodo$211.24 Thawte$121.06/yr Geotrust$192.56/yr
Multiple year options ComodoYes ComodoYes ThawteYes ComodoYes
Domains secured ComodoSecure up to 250 Multiple Domains ComodoSecure up to 250 Multiple Domains ThawteSecure up to 250 Multiple Domains GeotrustSecure up to 250 Multiple Domains
Issuance speed Comodo1-5 Days Comodo1-5 Days Thawte1-5 Days Geotrust1-5 Days
Validation required ComodoExtensive Business and Domain Validation ComodoExtensive Business and Domain Validation ThawteExtensive Business and Domain Validation GeotrustExtensive Business and Domain Validation
Notification level in browsers ComodoGreen Address Bar + Organization Name ComodoGreen Address Bar + Organization Name ThawteGreen address bar, domain name, and business name shown on certificate GeoTrustGreen Address Bar + Domain Name and Business Name Shown On Certificate
SAN Support ComodoAllows to add 249 SAN Domains ComodoAllows to add 249 SAN Domains ThawteAllows to add 249 SAN Domains GeoTrustAllows to add 249 SAN Domains
Encryption strength Comodo256-bit with 2048-bit Signature Comodo256-bit with 2048-bit Signature Thawte256-bit with 2048-bit Signature GeoTrust256-Bit with 2048-bit Signature
Signature Length Comodo2048-bit Comodo2048-bit Thawte2048-bit GeoTrust2048-bit
Browser compatibility Comodo99% Comodo99% Thawte99% GeoTrust99%
Site Seal includes Comodo
Comodo Site Seal
Comodo Site Seal
Thawte Site Seal
GeoTrust Site Seal
Supports Microsoft Office Communication Server ComodoYes ComodoYes ThawteYes GeoTrustYes
Supports Microsoft Exchange Server ComodoYes ComodoYes ThawteYes GeoTrustYes
Daily malware scanning ComodoNo ComodoNo ThawteNo GeoTrustNo
Free vulnerability assessment ComodoNo ComodoNo ThawteNo GeoTrustNo
Reissue ComodoUnlimited – Till Certificate Life span ComodoUnlimited – Till Certificate Life span ThawteUnlimited – Till Certificate Life span GeoTrustUnlimited – Till Certificate Life span
Server license ComodoUnlimited ComodoUnlimited ThawteUnlimited GeoTrustUnlimited
Support options ComodoYes ComodoYes ThawteYes GeoTrustYes
Warranty Comodo$1,750,000 Comodo$1,750,000 Thawte$1,500,000 GeoTrust$1,500,000
Green address bar ComodoYes ComodoYes ThawteYes GeoTrustYes
Refund policy Comodo15 Days Comodo15 Days Thawte15 Days GeoTrust15 Days
ComodoRead More ComodoRead More ThawteRead More GeoTrustRead More

green pad lockEV SSL isn’t an expense—it’s an investment. You’re investing in the best of encryption. From the top-notch security protocols to the high-ended authentication, you’re giving your customers the peace of mind that comes with knowing you care about their privacy.

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And in turn they’re going to give you more of their business—it’s a proven fact. When customers see the green address bar they feel comfortable. When customers feel comfortable they trust you. And trust leads to sales. The return on investment for your new EV SSL certificate will be tremendous. It will more than pay for itself in no time at all.

So what are you waiting for? Start converting more sales while improving your relationship with your customers today! Go EV!

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