EV SSL or Extended Validation SSL lends credibility and helps drive more sales for any new company.

E-Commerce is a burgeoning industry; it’s expected to be worth 6.7 trillion US dollars by the end of the decade.

Every day, more and more E-Commerce businesses come online, hawking their wares and trying to stake a claim to some of that sweet, sweet cash. The result is a marketplace with no shortage of players vying for consumer’s attention—which makes finding ways to stand out and differentiate yourself even more important.

One of the best ways for a new E-Commerce Company to do that is by employing an Extended Validation SSL Certificate on its website.

Let’s take a look at three reasons why EV SSL Certificates are perfect for startup E-Commerce Companies:

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They Build Immediate Trust

Face it, your company is new. It doesn’t have a reputation that precedes it. In fact, it doesn’t have any reputation at all. And the internet is vast, with countless other competitors also vying for your potential customers’ business. You have one chance to make a first impression and if people don’t trust you after that first impression, you’re done.

That’s why EV SSL Certificates make so much sense for a new E-Commerce Company. By going through Extended Validation, your website will display an unmistakable trust indicator: the green address bar. Nothing inspires trust that your business is legitimate like your company’s name and country of origin appearing next to the URL in the address bar. Sure, you still need to have a good website and sell good products, but with an EV SSL Certificate, from the second your visitors look at their address bar they’ll know for sure that your company is legitimate. And that’s a good a start.

They Improve SEO Rankings

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Did you know that in 2014 Google Announced that it would begin using SSL as a ranking signal for its search results? And now, with the entire browser community pushing for encryption, the strength of SSL as a ranking signal has grown, some experts even speculate it gives up to a 5% boost! Think about it, with the number of businesses vying for attention on the worldwide web, every little bit of visibility helps, especially when it comes to improving your search rankings.

In order to leverage this benefit, you simply need to buy an SSL Certificate, install it and configure your web server so that every page is hosted over HTTPS. And keep in mind, configuring your server that way will be even less of a challenge for you as a new company. Whereas a pre-existing company might already have a website with many of its assets pointed to HTTP, you’re starting from scratch! You’ll have no problem serving your whole site over HTTPS. It’s simple, it’s easy and it’s an instant 5% boost in your search rankings. Who can afford to pass that up?

EV SSL is Proven to Boost Conversions

Considerable research has been done on the subject of online consumer habits and trends show that putting an EV SSL Certificate improves sales. Now, you may be asking yourself why that’s the case, the reason is simple. And it harkens back to our first point. Trust. Chances are, if you haven’t been victimized by an online scam yourself, you at least know someone who has. It’s crazy how many fraudulent websites are out there trying to scam people. And now, thanks to Let’s Encrypt, even cyber criminals can add basic encryption to their websites in the form of a free Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificate.

That means that even if a website displays the known trust indicators, a padlock and a green HTTPS, it still might not be safe. As you can probably imagine, this makes authentication even more important. And there is no more surefire way to prove your legitimacy than with an Extended Validation SSL Certificate. According to the independent research group TNS, 70% of shoppers have cancelled an online order because they didn’t feel like they could trust the transaction. And according to Tec-ED, 97% of shoppers prefer to do business with a website that has an EV SSL Certificate associated with it. Think about how much money you could potentially be leaving on your checkout page if you don’t take the extra step to get Extended Validation.

Let’s Wrap This Up

There you have it, that’s three ironclad reasons that any new E-Commerce Company should go with an EV SSL Certificate. Look, the internet is now at the point where you HAVE to have encryption. The browser community is pushing the issue in a number of ways and it’s no longer a matter of if, but a matter of when the entire internet will be using SSL.

But with the proliferation of SSL comes a newfound emphasis on authentication. And Extended Validation is the best you can get. Face it, if you’re a new company you’re already trying to build a brand and a sense of identity. EV SSL goes a long way towards showing your customers that you are indeed legitimate.

The rest, as they say, is up to you. But adding an EV SSL Certificate to your site is a great first step towards making it in the world of E-Commerce.

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