How to Enable HTTP2 on Apache

A step-by-step guide on How to Enable HTTP2 on Apache

Apache is an open-source web server that serves both static and dynamic content. It’s particularly useful because it’s suitable for websites ranging in size from a few pages to thousands of pages. Developed and maintained by an open community of programmers (Apache Software Foundation), Apache has the highest market share in the web server market.

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The Advantages of HTTP2 – Why You Should Move on to HTTP2

Bringing about a new alternative to performance hacks that don’t have developers bending over backwards to improve page loads speeds, IEFT’s Working group gave netizens HTTP/2 in 2015. HTTP/2 introduces significant improvements over the previous versions of the HTTP protocol, including but not limited to enhanced security features. Apart from removing the need for time-consuming performance optimizations, it is also resilient to header compression attacks that could, in turn, lead to session hijacking. It gives us a simplified yet efficient framework that is easier to parse, more compact, and less error-prone.

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