Comodo Vs. Thawte: Which SSL Certificate Provider Should You Choose?

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If you’re reading this post, chances are you’re trying to decide between these two Digital Certificate Authorities – Comodo and Thawte. Or perhaps you’re simply looking to learn a thing or two about these two.

Well, whatever the reason, we’re glad you could join us!

Now, we can’t promise you that we’ll point you to our most preferred SSL Certificate between the two; rather, we’ll provide you with an in-depth analysis of each to help you make an informed choice.

But before we delve any deeper, here’s a simplified definition of an SSL Certificate:

An SSL Certificate is a form of Digital Certificate that authenticates a website and enables an encrypted connection. SSL Certificates create secure links between websites and web visitors’ browsers. In other words, these certificates play an important role in ensuring that information sent between a website and users browsing them is exchanged safely.

To give you a better understanding of each of the two certificate issuers, we’ll unpack everything there is to know about them separately, allowing you to evaluate one at a time. Then, in the end, we’ll tabulate key features for each in a comparison form to further help you make a decision.

Without wasting much time, let’s begin!


Comodo is one of the most popular internet security providers. Having started in 1998, the firm boasts two decades of industry experience, offering a range of internet security solutions including firewall, Digital Certificates, and Anti-virus products. The Comodo Certificate Authority now operates independently as Sectigo, but retains the experience and reputation gained over the years.

Comodo SSL Certificates come in a wide variety to serve a wide user base. The certificates serve single domains, multiple domains, online codes, exchange servers, and more…as well as advanced services such as enterprise certificate managers.

Key Features of Comodo SSL Certificates

Before we highlight the features, check out this video by Comodo that summarizes some of its features.

Let’s dive in. Here are some key features for Comodo Digital Certificates / SSL certificates:

  • Wide Product Line. Comodo CA offers an SSL certificate for any need and budget. Comodo has the widest SSL product line of any CA.
  • Easy to signup. The internet is all about efficiency, and you certainly don’t want to spend hours filling out an application for an SSL Certificate. Comodo knows that too well; this is why they have a simplified application process, with no endless phone calls or chats, and you should be through in a matter of minutes.
  • Product Warranty. In the wake of a rise in cybersecurity incidents, many cybersecurity companies try to avoid liability as much as possible. However, with Comodo’s relying party warranty, you’re guaranteed compensation in case a breach leads to a loss which should otherwise have been prevented by their product.
  • Trust Logo. With 20 years of industry experience, Comodo has charmed its way into the hearts of many a user. This has put a high value on its company seal on anyone’s site. Customers who visit your website can easily click on the Trust Seal to view your company’s details.
  • 99.9% Browser Recognition. Whether you’re using Mozilla, Safari, Chrome, or any other browser, Comodo SSL Certificates are recognized by virtually all browsers. Additionally, even unpopular browsers also recognize Comodo certificates, so you’re guaranteed that your site visitors are almost always going to see a green indicator or a padlock on their browsers showing your site is secure.

Other features include 24/7 customer support via phone, email and chat, 30-day money back policy, free firewall products, and much more. Be sure to check Comodo’s official website for more details.


  • Easy to sign up and get started
  • Free trust logo
  • Free SSL management tools
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • Customer warrant


Comodo SSL Certificates are categorized into 5 main product lines as shown below:

  • PositiveSSL offers the most cost-effective SSL certificates.
  • EssentialSSL also offers highly affordable SSL certificates.
  • InstantSSL focuses on organization validation (OV) SSL certificates.
  • Comodo SSL is the flagship line, with large warranties.
  • Enterprise SSL is designed to meet the needs of large companies.


Thawte is not a new name in the internet security space. The company’s roots can be traced to South Africa, having been established in 1995 by Mark Shuttleworth.

Since Thawte opened its doors to the world, it has served nearly 1 million users from more than 240 countries. In fact, by 2000, the firm accounted for about 40% of Digital Certificates issued globally.

Thawte maintains a lean line of products; they include SSL123, SSL Web Server, and SSL Web Server with EV. EV here, means Extended Validation. Learn more about EV in this video from Thawte:

Key Features of Thawte SSL Certificates

  • Short Issuance Time. Unlike most Certificate Authorities which take 1 – 5 days, Thawte approves customer applications for their SSL Certificates within 1 to 3 days. And if you’re looking to go for their basic DV certificate (SSL123), then you should receive it in a matter of minutes.
  • Identity Validation. You know what they say about buying, right? – people buy from people they trust. Thawte guarantees your customers the assurance they need to trust you. Each OV and EV certificate comes an identity validation to boost the confidence of your customers.
  • 99% Browser Compatibility. The last thing you want your customers to encounter is access limitations simply because they’re not using a popular browser. Thankfully, Thawte has you covered with its SSL Certificates that are compatible with nearly every browser one can ever think of.
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. Love it or get your money back. It’s that simple.


  • Compatible with 99% of browsers
  • Fast certificate issuance especially for their DV SSL certificates (SSL123)
  • All certificates come with trust seals
  • Offers free trial period of 21 days
  • Great customer support


Below is a full price breakdown of the Thawte SSL Certificates:

Thawte SSL Certificates Years Price/Year
Thawte SSL123 $149.00$28.44 Add to Cart
Thawte Web Server SSL $199.00$64.19 Add to Cart
Thawte SSL123 $1499.00$779.19 Add to Cart
Thawte SSL Webserver EV $299.00$121.06 Add to Cart
Thawte Code Signing $299.00$116.67 Add to Cart
Thawte SSL123 Wildcard $745.00$145.44 Add to Cart
Thawte Wildcard SSL $599.00$226.69 Add to Cart
Thawte SSL Web Server Multi-Domain Wildcard $1696.00$332.23 Add to Cart

Conclusion: Comodo vs Thawte SSL Certificates

We hope you now have a good overview of what each Certificate Authority offers; as promised at the start, this post is not about recommending this or that certificate, but to help you identify the one that suits you most.

As promised, here’s a table I compiled to further help you single out the best SSL Certificate for your website. For fairness purposes, I compared the best plans for each, for a period of 1 year.

Comodo and Thawte Comparison Table

Features Comodo SSL Thawte SSL
Price ($) starts at only $5.45 per year starts at only $28.44 per year
Maximum License Period Up to 5 years Up to 4 years
Certificate Approval Period In few minutes (for EV, 1 to 3 days) In few minutes (for EV, 1 to 3 days)
Domains secured Unlimited Unlimited
SSL Encryption Maximum of 256-bit Maximum of 256-bit
Warranty by CA ($) 250,000 1,500,000
Browser Support 99.9% 99.9%
Trust Seal Yes Yes
Refund Policy 15 Days 15 Days
Encryption Key 2048-bit 2048-bit
Buy Comodo SSL Buy Thawte SSL

So, which one between the two – Comodo and Thawte, do you prefer?

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