Why installing Anti-Malware Scanning is a necessity for any online business

You work hard to make your online business succeed. That means doing everything from designing a good site, to creating good content, optimizing your search terms, in-bound and out-bound marketing, if it will help your online business grow, chances are you’re doing it.

But let’s be honest, you’re probably so busy doing all the other things it takes to succeed online that you don’t have time to scroll every line of code on your site daily, to check for any malware that may have been injected.

Unfortunately, with the current state of the web and cyber security, that’s what it takes to stay safe too. But, fear not, there’s a solution to your problems that doesn’t involve you combing over HTML with a magnifying glass at four in the morning, it’s called Daily Malware Scanning.

website malware scanning

And it’s a great product, we couldn’t recommend it more.

What is Malware?

Malware is a shorthand term that represents malicious code or malicious software. Chances are your first introduction to malware came as an internet user. You may have noticed that your computer was beginning to run a little slower, maybe it started behaving oddly, so you installed an antivirus program like Ad-aware and low and behold, your computer had been infected with malware.

It’s bad when you’re on the receiving end, it can be even worse when your website is the one distributing it.

Obviously you didn’t put the malware there. Rather, hackers and cybercriminals install malware without your consent by exploiting security weaknesses on your website. And once your site has malware, it can be difficult to detect. From there, it will infect your customers’ computers when they visit your site. It can be used to spread viruses, hijack people’s computers or to steal sensitive information.

Obviously, this is less than ideal. That’s why you need a daily malware scanner.

How does a Daily Malware Scanner work?

It’s easy, you purchase one just like you would almost any other web security product, one of the ones we like to recommend here at CheapSSLSecurity is the GeoTrust Website Anti-Malware Scanner.

geotrust website antimalware scanWe recommend this product for a couple of reasons. For one, it’s a quality product from a highly respected company. And two, it’s got an unbeatable price, starting at $46 for a single year or as low as $38/year for three.

After you purchase it and install it on your server all you have to do is sit back and let it inform you of any issues. The Malware Scanner will perform its duties automatically, once per day (though it can scan on demand as well). Upon combing your entire site, it will generate a report that will instantly notify you whether there is any malicious code or activity on your site and, in the event that there is, will offer step-by-step directions on how to remove the problem.

It scans. It notifies you of any issues. And it provides you with instructions to fix those issues.

And as if that’s enough, the GeoTrust Website Anti-Malware Scanner also includes a trust mark that will assure your site’s visitors of their safety by showing that your site is malware-free and displaying the date of your last scan.

You Can’t Beat That

Let’s be honest, your online business is probably your whole life. You’re heavily invested in its success and you do everything in your power to ensure its growth and profitability.

But nothing hurts an online business like cybercrime. Chances are you’ve already purchased an SSL Certificate to secure the communication on your site (and if you haven’t – you need to), but what about other threats? What about malware?

You don’t have the time to comb the code on every page of your site, every single day, looking for malicious code. And frankly, you shouldn’t have to. A daily malware scanner does that job for you and lets you rest easy knowing your site is secure. This is one product that’s just a no-brainer. Stay safe. Stay sane. Invest in anti-malware scanning.


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