ECC vs RSA: Comparing SSL/TLS Algorithms

Here’s a comparative analysis of ECC & RSA cryptosystems and how they’re similar or different

Both ECC and RSA are protocols used for encryption in SSL/TLS certificate. But selecting RSA vs ECC certificate before buying SSL/TLS might be a daunting task for a layman. However, let’s understand both algorithms in detail.

ECC vs RSA — how do you choose between these two types of algorithms when choosing an SSL/TLS certificate? Moreover, what do each of these options even mean in terms of encryption?

When purchasing an SSL certificate, users come across many technical specifications that they have no idea about. However, going ahead without understanding these terms isn’t an option for many. They want to get to the roots of these terms so that they can make an educated choice about purchasing the right SSL/TLS certificate to protect their website.

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