Today all the e-commerce businesses are worried about the security of their shopping cart, customer information & their transaction database and they are spending a whopping amount of money to make their businesses secure and to keep the hackers away.

In March-2014 US’s biggest online shopping retailer Target was breached and around 40 million users’ credit card information has been stolen. But Target fails again to provide security to its users and users’ information gets breached again in May-2014.

Recently the OpenSSL bug Heartbleed has put many businesses at risk of security breach & cyber attack.

How Ebay was breached?

This time world most popular shopping giant & retailer EBay failed to provide security to its users. As per Forbes report, a massive security breach has been placed on EBay and EBay have requested all users to change their passwords.

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Reports from EBay clarifies that “No evidence of the compromise resulting in unauthorized activity for eBay users, and no evidence of any unauthorized access to users’ financial or credit card information, which is stored separately in encrypted formats.”

This security breach was carried out somewhere between February and March, but EBay discovered it recently.

The hackers were successfully able to crack the log-in credentials of some EBay employees to gain the access to EBay’s corporate network.

EBay’s law & enforcement team investigated about this issue and found that information such as Users’ name, login ID, login password, email address; phone number, date of birth, etc have been compromised.

However, EBay mentioned it has a separate database for storing user’s financial information (like credit card and debit card numbers and PINs) so hackers are not able to crack this financial information. Luckily they didn’t find any fraudulent activity here.

EBay is very much serious about this issue and is working toward improving the security standards. Their teams are looking forward to regaining full confidence from their customers, shoppers, and merchants towards EBay.


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