Quick Steps to Install the SSL Certificate on Juniper NetScreen ScreenOS

juniper netscreen screenos

Step 1: Download and Extract your certificate files:

After the certificate issuance, you’ll receive the certificate in a zip folder via email. That Zip file will be included with Primacy certificate, Intermediate and Root certificate files, download it (yourdomain.crt) from your email and extract it on your server and save it.

Step 2: In the webUI ‘Option’ menu, select ‘Objects and Certificates’.

Step 3: Load your primary certificate

Select ‘Local’ from the dropdown list of ‘Show’. Now browse the location where the primary certificate (yourdomain.crt) was saved and select it. Now click on ‘Load’ button.

Step 4: Load your intermediate Certificate

Select the CA from the ‘Show’ dropdown list, now click on ‘Browse’, select your intermediate certificate and click on load button.

Step 5: Load your root certificate:

Select CA from the ‘Show’ dropdown list, now click on browse, select your root certificate and click on ‘Load’ button.

That’s it! Your certificate is now installed on the NetScreen Device.


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