Barracuda SSL VPN is a smart, flexible, quick and multi-function platform for the web and mobile users that deliver network security and connectivity to remove users, business travelers, and mobile users.

Barracuda SSL VPN: SSL Installation Steps

Barracuda SSL VPN
In order to install SSL Certificate on Barracuda VPN (1) Download & Extract Certificate files, (2) Upload the combined private key & signed SSL Certificate file.

Step 1: Download and Extract Certificate Files

Once you get your SSL certificate via email from your SSL Certificate authority in a *.zip file, the first download the zip file and then extract it to your server directory or on your hard drive.

Step 2: Upload the combined private key & SSL Certificate file

Barracuda SSL VPN may reject your certificate file if the combined file of the private key and signed SSL certificate in *.pfx format is not installed.

There are 2 possible ways to upload private and signed SSL Certificate files on Barracuda SSL VPN.

Option 1: Upload via Barracuda Admin console

  • First, open your Barracuda Admin console and login using your username and password.
  • Now move to ‘Advance > Secure Administrator’ or ‘Advance > SSL’ tab.
  • Here first you need to upload the Private Key file which you’ve received while generating CSR. Using Upload Backup SSL Private Key field you can add upload your Private Key.
  • Now using Upload Signed Certificate field upload the signed SSL Certificate file.
  • After uploading both the files select Trusted (Signed by a trusted CA) as default Certificate Type.
  • Click on Save Changes.

Option 2: Upload using Text Editor

  • Open Notepad. Now open both Private Key and signed certificate file using any text editor or using notepad.
  • Now copy all the data of the Private Key file and paste it on the new notepad file you’ve opened earlier, and then copy all the data of signed certificate file and paste it on that notepad file.
  • Save this file as Yourdomain_Cert.crt or by any name you wish.
  • Now in Advance > Secure Administrator tab. Using Upload Signed Certificate, upload that Yourdomain_cert.crt file and keep Trusted (Signed by a trusted CA) as default Certificate Type.
  • Click on Save Changes.

Note: If the installation of intermediate SSL certificate required; you can copy and paste its encrypted data in this file after the encrypted data of signed SSL certificate.

Finally, your SSL Certificate is now installed on Barracuda SSL VPN.

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