4D Webstar is an HTTP server that works on MAC and Windows platforms & provides powerful and effective solution for application and database development.

Here are the steps to install an SSL certificate on 4D Webstar 4.x Server.

Step 1. Download and Extract certificate files.

After purchasing SSL certificate, your certification authority will send you an email which includes a *.Zip file. This *.Zip file contains your Primary SSL certificate, Intermediate and Root certificates. Extract this *.Zip file on your server directory where you want to store all your certificates.


Step 2. Create the PEM File

To Install SSL certificate on 4D Webstar 4.x server, Webstar server requires a text file with .pem extension.

To create .pem file

(1) Create a text file with name ‘myCertificate’ and save it with extension .pem.

(2) Open all your certificates in any text editor, copy the encrypted data (Including BEGIN CERTIFICATE———–END CERTIFICATE) and paste it on to myCertificate.pem File in the flowing order.

(i) Primary certificate’s encrypted data

(ii) Intermediate certificate’s encrypted data

(iii) Root certificate’s encrypted data

(iv) Now your myCertificate.pem file is ready and it will look like,

Primary certificate’s encrypted data
Intermediate certificate’s encrypted data
Root certificate’s encrypted data


Note: Don’t change the order of certificate in myCertificate.pem file, otherwise you will not able to install SSL certificate properly.


Step 3: Install SSL certificate

Your .pem certificate file is now ready. You can proceed with the SSL installation procedure.

(1) On your WebSTAR Admin section open ‘Settings’ window. Now select ‘SSL Security’.

(2) In SSL Security section, the top area contains list of IP addresses while the lower area contains security options which includes private key and certificate data. The checkboxes set your policies regarding incoming connection.

(3) Here we can only assign one certificate to each IP Address.

(4) Select an item for the IP Address which correspond the host name of your current SSL certificate.

(5) Now select SSL 2 and SSL 3 on the security popup menu.

(6) Press the ‘Certificate Choose’ button to select the .pem certificate file that you have created earlier.

(7) To select the private key that was created before ordering the certificate, click on ‘Private Key File Choose’ button.

(8) After that, enter your ‘Private Key password’ in proper field and press ‘Save’ button.

(9) Now take a look at the server status window; there you will see a message that confirms the acceptance of your SSL certificate: “SSL context for xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:443 Created”.

With this step you have successfully installed an SSL certificate on 4D WebSTAR 4.x Server.

Note: In case you do not have the Private key/CSR, then you can get it from here – “Certificate Signing Request”.

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