How to Install SSL Certificate on FileZilla Server?

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FileZilla Server SSL Installation Steps

After finishing the Pre-Installation steps, follow our step-by-step guide about SSL Certificate Installation on a FileZilla Server.

Step: 1

When you receive your SSL certificate via email, store the file on your server, and extract these two files: “yourdomianname.crt” & “certificateauthority.crt” in the same folder.


Open the FileZilla Server Options window and click on Edit >> Settings.


On the left side, select the SSL/TLS Setting option.


Check the “Enable SSL/TLS support” option under SSL/TLS Settings.



There are three options under where you checked Enable SSL/TLS support:

  • Private key File box: Click on the Browse button and choose Private Key location which you have created earlier.

Example: C:\Program Files\FileZilla Server\yourdomainname.crt

  • Certificate File box: Click on the Browse Button and select the location of your certificate file that contains the intermediate certificate and server certificate.

Example: C:\Program Files\FileZilla Server\certificatefile.crt

  • Key Password box: Enter the Key Password which will be stored in plaintext.

Step: 6

Once you finished above process, click on the OK button.

Step: 7

Restart the FileZilla Server.

Your Certificate is now successfully installed on the FileZilla Server.

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