Mac OS X Server SSL Installation Steps

Mac OS X Server

Step: 1

When your SSL Certificate order received via email, store the file in your server, and extract these two files “yourdomianname.crt” & “certificateauthority.crt” on a same folder.

Step: 2

Next step is to double click on certificateauthority.crt file and choose to import option from Add Certificate window. In Keychain, Select System option from drop-down menu and click on Add button.

Add Certificate Screen OS X Server

Note: For further installation process, you need to log in with administration’s password.

Step: 3

Now open Mac OS X Server Admin and click on Certificates from the menu. Click on Setting Gear icon and in drop down menu select “Add Signed or Renewed Certificate from Certificate Authority”.

Add Signed or Renewed Certificate from Certificate Authority Option

Step: 4

Once you select that option, it will display the information of existing or new certificate. When you select “Add Signed or Renewed Certificate from Certificate Authority” option, just Drag “yourdomainname.crt” file into pop-up window.

Step: 5

Once you finish the drag and drop process, click on “OK” button.

Allocate SSL Certificate for Services

For Mail Services:

  1. Click on Mail option which is available at left window panel.
  2. Open Setting option and select Security option under Advanced
  3. Now, allocate installed SSL certificate to IMAP or SMTP Services.

For Web Services:

  1. First, open Web and select Sites
  2. Select website which you wish to secure with a certificate
  3. Tick the Checkbox to Enable Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) under Security Tab Option & select the certificate.
  4. Alert Dialog appears “Do you want to restart Web now?
  5. Click on Restart & Restart your web server

Now Your SSL Certificate has successfully installed on Mac OS X Server.

Important Resources

Guides on How to Move SSL Certificate from One Server to Another Server

SSL Certificate for OS X Server

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