The IBM HTTP Server is a full-featured web server, which is based on the Apache HTTP Server. The procedure for installing an SSL certificate on an IBM HTTP Server can be a confusing one, but this can be avoided by referring to the following detailed, easy-to-follow SSL installation guide.

Quick SSL Installation Guide for IBM HTTP Server


Step 1 – Download Certificate

If you have purchased an SSL certificate from CheapSSLSecurity, you will receive an email from us with an attached‘*.zip’ file containing your certificate(s). This process can vary as per the type of certificate authority (CA) chosen by the user.

Download the*.zip file and extract it on your IBM HTTP Server.

Note: Before installing the SSL certificate on IBM HTTP Server, you must install the ROOT and the INTERMEDIATE certificates.

Step 2 – Install the ROOT and INTERMEDIATE certificates

First, you need to create a Key Database File (*.kbd), that stores key pairs and digital certificate. You can create a Key Database File (*.kbd) by clicking here.

(1) To start with, enter the command prompt IKEYMAN on a UNIX platform.

(2) In windows platform, you have to start the key management utility by clicking: Start > Programs > IBM HTTP Server > Start Key Management Utility

(3) In Key management utility, select ‘Key Database File’ and press Open.

(4) Now open the Key Database File (*.kbd) using IKEYMAN utility (created in the previous step).

(5) Next, enter the password of your *.kbd file and click OK.

(6) From the Key Database Content, select Signer Certificates and press ADD.

(7) Now, browse the location of your ‘ROOT Certificate’ and ‘Intermediate’ certificate on your server and select both of them. Then click OK.

Note: Please select your ROOT and INTERMEDIATE certificate properly, because inaccurate selection will not allow you to install the certificate on IBM HTTP Server.

Step 3. Install Primary Server Certificate

(1) Select Key Database and hit OK

(2) Here you will see Keyword Database Content in the middle section of IKEYMAN GUI.

(3) In Keyword Database Content, there are 3 options: ‘Personal Certificate’, ‘Personal Certificate Request’ and ‘Signer Certificates’. To continue, select the first option, Personal Certificate, and press on the Receive button.



(4) A new window will be a popup that says Receive Certificate from File.

IBM-HTTPSSL-Base64-encoded ASCII data

(5) In this window,

(i) For Data type, leave the ‘Base64-encoded ASCII data’ selected as your default value.

(ii) For Location, browse the directory; find where you stored your primary certificate on the server and press ‘OK’.


When this is completed, you have successfully completed the installation of an SSL certificate on your IBM HTTP Server.

Resources you may Need

Before Installing an You Need Purchase an SSL Certificate

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