Wildcard SSL Vs. Multi Domain SAN SSL Vs. Multi-Domain Wildcard SSL

In-depth Analysis of Wildcard SSL Vs. Multi Domain (SAN/UCC) Vs. Multi-Domain Wildcard SSL Certificates

The growing trend of utilizing SSL Certificates to secure websites, financial transactions, sensitive information, etc.… shows how SSL is playing an important role regarding web security. The list of trusted Certificate Authorities, i.e. (CA), such as … Read More

Comparison – Comodo Positive SSL Wildcard Vs Essential SSL Wildcard

Comodo Group, INC. founded in 1998, is the leading Internet Security provider for SSL Certificates and other Internet Security related products with complete protection.  It offers SSL & digital Certificates for small/medium/large level businesses and organizations. According to W3Tech’s recent survey on various Certificate Authorities (CA’s), Comodo … Read More