Why Weakening Internet Encryption Won’t Stop Terrorism

Encryption backdoors may actually help terrorists instead of stopping them

What’s common amongst UK, US, Australia, Germany and almost every country on the planet? They all don’t like Encryption. That’s why we see repeated (and absurd) calls to curb Encryption in the name of stopping terrorism.

Seriously, that cassette has … Read More

7 Best Practices for Exceptional Drupal Website Security

Enforce these measures for securing your Drupal website

Drupal is an open-source content management system (CMS) written in PHP. It provides a complete framework for developers. Around 2.3% of the world’s website have adopted Drupal to manage their content. These websites range from blogs to corporate sites and even some … Read More

Phishing Scams: 8 Helpful Tips to Keep You Safe

Identify and Prevent the Rising Force of Phishing Attacks

When we think of hackers and cyber criminals, we tend to think of them as masterminds wearing hoodies, shutting down websites with their out-of-this-world coding skills (and godly swagger of course!). Well, that’s not always the case. Using a simple yet … Read More